Sunday, April 12, 2009

Groovy Positive Vibes

Skeptic Rebecca Watson has been having bad luck lately. As she mentions at within two weeks she was hit by a car and then her apartment was burgled, her laptop computer stolen.

But maybe it wasn’t a run of “bad luck.”

Rebecca should watch “The Secret,” a documentary about how to attract good things in their life. People radiate vibrations out into the universe. The movie shows someone wishing for something and all those thoughtwaves just spread out into forever.

In fact “The Secret” states that the universe can be your catalog. Just list what you want, think good thoughts, and it will come your way. The Supreme Being/Grandest Poohbah/whatever will listen to you. It’s New Age wishful thinking without equal.

If all the skeptics like Rebecca keep thinking bad thoughts, radiating negativity into the cosmos, they could end up bringing down an alien invasion force or blowing up the sun.


X. Dell said...

Well, you know what they say. Negative thoughts lead to negative conclusions.

Of course, they also say that positive thoughts lead to positive conclusions.

I don't know who this "they" is, but they seem bipolar.

Doug said...

Sardonic overtones aside (as tricky as that may be to achieve), it does touch on an intriguing question. Assuming for the sake of argument that we humans do hold some level of influence over the universe, and that we bring either good or bad upon ourselves by the "vibes" we put out, would that suggest we have the ability to affect the cosmos, to bend the laws of physics, etc.?

Again assuming it were possible for a large group (perhaps all of humanity—hey, as long as we're being theoretical here, let's go for the stars… maybe literally) combined in a concentrated effort (be in prayer, meditation, chanting, or whatever method applies) to be coordinated in such a manner, and that they could all be convinced to act in concert toward a single goal, would that generate sufficient power to manipulate something like the rate at which a star uses up its nuclear fuel and expedite those chemical reactions that lead to it going supernova? Admittedly I'm being more scientific than is perhaps apropos; it is entirely likely that you intended (to the extent you had a specific notion) for some kind of sudden chain reaction (a la the destruction of the Death Star). Such is the danger of watching The Discovery Channel.

Now, there's no explaining in this theoretical example why humanity would employ its collective will to destroy its own sun (as doing so would be suicidal). Perhaps it suggests humanity had figured out how to survive without the sun's radiation. Dwelling on that angle isn't going to get us anywhere. The point is this: How much individual power would one person wield, and would the combined power of billions be enough to bring about that direst of consequence (even if only inadvertently)?

I have to imagine that no amount of combined persons would have enough influence to do that. At least, I'm certainly going to put out my vibes in such a way as to try to limit what others could possibly do.

Our species may not deserve to be protected from ourselves in this way, but the rest of the planets rely on the sun as well, and it's not fair for them.

It just seems like the right thing to do.

I merely hope I have enough influence.

dr.alistair said...

like robert anton wilson says.....i`d rather be positive about the whole thing and have a good time while i`m here.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

The same "they" who say "Haste makes waste" and without a pause proclaim "He who hesitates is lost." Bipolar, indeed.


So what if the sun is an intelligent being with a telepathic empathy? It must be strong willed since it hasn't blown up yet.

Dr. Alistair:

I hope RAW is still positive, wherever he ended up.


dr.alistair said...

i`m positive he is....

and the comment word is; shologic

RAW smiles.