Sunday, February 15, 2009


…to Jim Moseley, writer-editor of Saucer Smear. Apparently his zine is the oldest UFO publication in the world. Dennis Plunkett of the British Flying Saucer Bureau confirmed this unique status in a letter to Supreme Commander Moseley. Plunkett stated that the BFSB no longer published a magazine, leaving Moseley with the honor.

Of course, Saucer Smear has been published under various names throughout the decades, but always under the creative control of Moseley. A computer-Luddite, Moseley still puts together each issue with a typewriter, scissors, and tape. If you want to own a bit of saucerana, send him a couple of well-concealed dollar bills to:

James W. Moseley
PO Box 1709
Key West, FL 33041


X. Dell said...

(Laughs at self). I've gotten my hands on a couple of issues (from friends) but have never subscribed. Does Mosley need my two bucks?

To have a continual UFO publication is a feat within itself.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

With a dwindling subscriber base, I would say the Supreme Commander could use your two bucks. He was zining before the term zine came on the scene. Anyway, anyone interested in the Unusual and the Unknown should have at least one copy of Saucer Smear in his collection, a bit of UFO history.