Sunday, June 15, 2008

Making Sense Out Of Alien Perception

Aliens are around us but we don’t recognize them.

An intriguing POV. Most people have to see something to believe it. But maybe we’re concentrating on the wrong sense.

Why couldn’t an otherworldly being exist as sound? There’s the mysterious Taos Hum in New Mexico. Is a lonely ET trying to prick up our ears?

Maybe aliens are odors, flavors, or tactile sensations. That odd smell barely detected, a subtle but peculiar taste from nowhere, a feeling without any visible actor touching. Moments just on the edge of our perceptions.

Sure, it sounds crazy (no pun intended). But we’re talking about aliens, aren’t we?


X. Dell said...

Would we actually be talking about aliens? What if creatures indigenous to Earth give evidence of their existence in ways other than sight?

Ever since I learned what the baryon field is, I've begun to wonder what's right up in our faces that we cannot perceive.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

Baryon field? I'm not familiar with it but after a quick Google search I've got a headache. That physics stuff causes brain strain. I can't tell a hadron from a meson. (In fact, until I caught my mistake, I had typed “hardon” instead of hadron.)

If I remember correctly, don't most skeptics claim that what happens on a subatomic level doesn't necessarily parallel our everyday world? I know Deepak Chopra was criticized for pointing at subatomic spookiness and then trying to tie it in with his New Age stuff.

I should have specified in my essay that “alien” meant all nonhuman intelligent beings, either indigenous to this planet or from beyond – beyond in the sense of space or another dimension.


X. Dell said...

I gotcha. And you're right. Some, like Chopra, have been criticized for their claims, for they were concrete ones unsupported by evidence. As far as I understand, however, the principles behind them are still in the mix.

Doug said...

Perhaps these aliens among us are the ones who keep green-lighting Mike Myers' movies like The Love Guru.


Ray said...


Actually, it was the evil grays who greenlighted all those Pauly Shore movies.


dr.alistair said...

pauly shore was actually funny though..........

one definition of alien would have to be "outside of our understanding" and therefore unexplainable.

science gets arrogant about things not existing unless it`s measureable......and in it`s paradigm there is a truth to that, but the fact remains that people stubbornly keep reporting missing time, abduction memories and other weird shit.

science and medicine as it`s handmaiden are now suggesting that with the right medication these reported experiences go away.

so does the rest of one`s experiential life though.

deepak is just asking questions that science can`t answer and gets pissy and shouts him and others down.

we need to find some better ways to measure our exeriences, then they will become clearer.......the way the aborigines do "dreamtime" for instance......but that paradigm doesn`t support technology and commerce.

lthanlon said...

This brings up the whole issue of consensus reality, which is also a mind-boggling concept.

Ray said...

Dr. A:

You mean that stressing the spiritual over the material results in less consumerism? After all, why bother with wide-screen digital TV when you can explore within your own mind.


Good to hear from you. How are things with Chicago Scope?

Consensus reality? Is that like reality by a committee? Remember: a platypus is an eagle designed by a committee.

Anyway, everyday reality hurts my head as it is.