Thursday, June 05, 2008

Illuminati: Where’s The Paper Trail?

Smash the conspiracy.

How? Exposure. Spotlight its inner workings. Reveal the conspiracy’s secret documents to the world, tangible evidence that negates the power of the conspirators.

I don’t expect any official communiqués to pop up emblazoned with a special Illuminati letterhead. But with all the stuff the Mega-Conspiracy is accused of perpetrating and manipulating, you think someone would have a memo, decoded message, a bill of goods, something.

How do you coordinate plans across the world without any paperwork? After all, it means more in writing. If there’s a question or disagreement, you can point at a paper. OK, all communications are oral. But why doesn’t someone have an audio or video recording when the Great Conspirators share the same air? With all the surveillance going on, you would think there would be at least one wiretapped conversation where the Illuminati is identified in no uncertain terms.

And how do Illuminati recognize each other? Secret handshakes? Verbal countersigns? How could an Illuminatus really know the person he is dealing with isn’t an infiltrator?

Deception is part of the game. The deceiver can’t afford to be deceived. The Illuminati hide within other organizations, a few followers in top positions, from the Freemasons to the Council on Foreign Relations, even the MMMS. An interlocking network controlling events from the shadows to bring forth the One World Order.

But the Mega-Con doesn’t want the Freemasons doing something contrary to the CFR or MMMS. Orders have to go out so that the hydra doesn’t feed upon itself, one head eating the other.

Communication and coordination without a paper trail. How can it be done?


Long distance thought transference. An Illuminatus could be sitting in his office, as if pondering a problem, while Central Command mentally beams the latest evil news. Or it could happen while he’s taking a nap on a plane or sleeping in his own bed at night.

And if he met another person claiming to be an Illuminatus, his mind-reading ability would quickly detect a phony. Even though the other person is telepathic doesn’t mean he is a member in good standing with the Order. Mind to mind contact would be so intimate that a cat would quickly spot a dog.

But if the Illuminati are real, how could they be stopped?


Thought police.


X. Dell said...

Well, you got me smiling here.

I would point out that there are such artifacts that have surfaced (for example, Alex Jones' filming of a Cremation of Care ceremony at Bohemian Grove). And some of the court cases involved with Illuminatism (e.g., the court order older Skull and Bonesmen sought to exclude female initiates) see the light of day, and are utterly fascinating.

One secret Illuminatish book (specifically the rosy cross people) that I managed to snatch into my possession mentions something about Statements of Intent.

Esoteric magic sounds metaphysical, but in actuality it describes any action designed to enact the will of the adept. If you were in a hot room, for example, the proper magic, in their view, would consist of turning on an air conditioner or fan -- nothing really all that spooky.

Magic requiring the joint participation of many different individuals, however, could require a Statement of Intent. A Statement of Intent is a proposal put forth into public discourse, so that operators can act independently. In days of yore, you could find them in art, dramatic, or literary works. Nowadays you might allegedly find them in movie and television show plots. Commentary on the play or the painting, etc. could express approval, rejection, or suggested modifications.

Now, that being said, I have my doubts about a unified Grand Illuminati conspiracy to take over the world. From where I'm sitting, it looks more like a bunch of groups vounteering some cooperation to wrest power away from most of us, but always fighting amongst themselves for the position of top dog.

Still the fact that I have an illuminati book in my possession would strongly suggest that there's at least a bit of a paper trail to follow:-)

Ray said...

X. Dell:

Statement of Intent? ThanX for cluing me in on that. Would that include the pyramid on the back of a dollar bill with its All-Seeing Eye? (Now theres's a paper trail.)

We share the same POV about conspiracies. It's a market out there with all sorts of competitive forces that work with or against each other as needed. The purebred dogs at the top fight over us mongrels at the bottom.

Life is ruff.