Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Roswell Crash: The Tragic Shame of Intergalactic Drunk Driving

Image © 2008 Ray X

As you can plainly see from the accompanying true image, I encountered a small sauced spherical saucerer lying in the gutter the other day. This afforded me the rare opportunity to find out what really happened in the Roswell, New Mexico area back in 1947.

The tiny being tried to fly away using his anti-grav bio-field but he kept banging his head (that’s all he had for a body) into the curb. Knowing that for the moment escape was futile, he agreed to a short interview.

The visitor – Ale the Ailing Alien – said he had been kicked out of an UFO for being too rowdy. He was told to “walk” back to Rigel.

Between hiccups, Ale explained that ETs were coming to earth to enjoy the mind-altering pleasures of our alcohol-based concoctions. He explained that Roswell involved a gang of teen offworlders in their hotrod flying saucer who couldn’t handle terran firewater. They had morphed into human form and had hit a few bars across the Southwest before trying to warp back home.

Before I could ask him about rings around Uranus, Ale shot straight up and disappeared.

NOTE: I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. Some don’t take me seriously or appreciate my erudite efforts in ascertaining answers to various ufological mysteries. For example, in the latest issue of Saucer Smear zine, James W. Moseley praises the usual pantheon of Mac Tonnies, Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle, Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop. The same list of top UFO bloggers keeps popping up in various places.

Apparently this blogger is slaving away in obscurity. But as the preceding post proves, I offer a perspective unique to UFOdom.

That can’t be argued.

(Now I will sit in my corner and sulk.)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Making Sense Out Of Alien Perception

Aliens are around us but we don’t recognize them.

An intriguing POV. Most people have to see something to believe it. But maybe we’re concentrating on the wrong sense.

Why couldn’t an otherworldly being exist as sound? There’s the mysterious Taos Hum in New Mexico. Is a lonely ET trying to prick up our ears?

Maybe aliens are odors, flavors, or tactile sensations. That odd smell barely detected, a subtle but peculiar taste from nowhere, a feeling without any visible actor touching. Moments just on the edge of our perceptions.

Sure, it sounds crazy (no pun intended). But we’re talking about aliens, aren’t we?

Philip H Krapf: What Happened? Part One

It looked like another contactee book but what caught my eye was a key word in the subtitle – The True Story of a Journalist’s Encounter With Alien Beings.

Journalist? Now there’s a different angle. And since it was a book sale, the price was right: one quarter. So I picked up The Contact Has Begun.

According to the back cover info box, author Philip H. Krapf plied the journalism trade for 30 years, from reporter to managing editor. Most of this career was spent at the Los Angeles Times. The photo accompanying the info box shows him wearing a dark hat and suit, very old-fashioned, formal attire. A man in black?

Not really. Published in 1998, The Contact Has Begun describes Krapf’s abduction by aliens called Verdants. He scoffed at abduction stories – until it happened to him. Also, he considered himself an agnostic/atheist – until the aliens told him that they had scientific proof that God was real. In fact, the Verdants had visited Heaven, a precise location in the universe.

An UFO/New Age skeptic. A disbeliever in religion. Why was he picked?

In Krapf’s case the aliens didn’t want him for a physical exam. No nasty needles for him. They needed his help for a plan soon to unfold. The aliens were going to reveal themselves to the people of earth through Ambassadors and Deputy Envoys. Krapf was chosen to be a Deputy Envoy. An Ambassador who worked at the LA Times recommended him.

For a few days Krapf received instructions and lessons while he stayed on a starship hidden on the dark side of the moon. His main mission was to write a white paper to break the story to the people of Earth. When he was abducted in June 1997, the alien agenda was supposed to work out like this:

2001: By the first couple of months Ambassadors from all over the world will have completed their proposed plans to initiate contact with the Verdants. For six months, perhaps more, the Verdants will review the plans.

2002: The story will break. An Ambassador will confirm the schedule of events as detailed by Krapf in his book.

2003: Continuing the revelation process, other Ambassadors will announce their roles in the planning of a summit meeting with the Verdants.

2004: Spectacular events that will convince the staunchest skeptic that the Verdants are indeed real.

2005: Green grassland will appear overnight in the American Southwest. The city of Genesis will be built here, a place where humans and aliens will meet.

2008: Humankind’s training is completed. Earth will join the IFSP (the Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets.)

2010: The Verdants share their technology. Mankind explores nearby stars.

But this agenda was laid out with the qualifier: “…if events happen on schedule…”

So that’s why I won’t be visiting Genesis City this summer to interview the Verdants.

Philip H. Krapf: What Happened? Part Two

As explained in Part One, Philip H. Krapf was a journalist who claimed he had been abducted in June 1997 by aliens called Verdants. He was appointed a Deputy Envoy by the ETs. His mission was to write a white paper about his experience. That project ended up becoming his book, The Contact Has Begun, published in 1998.

Krapf was retired from the LA Times. As he speculates in TCHB, maybe his abduction experience was related to being older with plenty of free time. Why would he undergo such personal paradigm shifts? His encounter changes him from a UFO skeptic who becomes a believer in aliens, announcing they’re here. Once atheistic/agnostic, he’s challenged that by the Verdants’s statement that God really exists and each being can live on after death.

What I find fascinating are the parallels between his normal, earthbound life and his incredible relationship with the Verdants. I’ve never met Krapf and all I’ve ever seen is a headshot of him on the back cover of TCHB. But reading between the lines in his book, he seems to be like most older men, struggling with his weight.

I know, that’s an oddball aspect to consider, but in one scene aboard the alien spacecraft he’s served a meal by the Verdants. He hesitates to eat dessert – a banana cream pie - because of the extra calories. But the ETs tell him that it’s special food, made from processed vegetable matter. His body will only take in the calories it needs and the rest will be discarded. After hearing this, Krapf digs in. (I know I would if I was offered such a wonder food.)

But the major parallel is Krapf’s career history and the special role chosen for him by the Verdants. Krapf worked his way up from a reporter to an editor. A considerable accomplishment, but he never made it into the top level of the LA Times.

The Verdants tell him that one of their Ambassadors is a higher-up in the LA Times organization. Ambassadors are the leaders, the big movers-and-shakers. Krapf is only given the role of a Deputy Envoy.

Editors are important to the function of a newspaper, but they’re not regarded with the same status as a publisher or owner. Even though he’s just a Deputy Envoy – an alien contact worker ant, if you will - Krapf’s participation is still vital. He has to write a book to prepare mankind for the startling announcements that will be coming from the Ambassadors throughout the world.

So while the Ambassadors hide their identities until the proper time, Krapf has to face ridicule and rejection because of his “crazy” book. He’s on the front lines while the generals are up on the hillside, safely out of sight.

I don’t know what happened to Philip Krapf. TCHB can be analyzed outside of the question whether his abduction was “real” or not. It’s ironical either way that his role as a Deputy Envoy proves that someone who only attained a lower level position still carries out an important duty.

(NOTE: I’ve never heard of Krapf until I read his book, The Contact Has Begun. Through a quick Google search I’m aware that Krapf did write a sequel and even had a website at one time. Maybe I’ll write more about Krapf post TCHB. But for this article I’m just concentrating TCHB as a stand-alone work, my first impressions of the author and his story.)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Confess, Chemtrailer!

Image (C) Copyright 2008 Ray X

Contrail or chemtrail?

Condensation trails are formed by the wake of an aircraft, water droplets or ice crystals forming white vapor paths across the sky. Besides jet engine exhaust, contrails are also created from a sudden drop in air pressure and temperature around propellers and wings (wingtip vortices).

Chemical trails – so say certain conspiracy theorists – appear to be contrails but in fact they’re loaded with much more than just water or ice. Speculation ranges from the spraying of chemicals as part of a mind control program to dispersing pathogens to keep population growth under control.

Skeptics say that such spraying up so high in the sky is a very inefficient dispersal system and so it wouldn’t be used. Anyway, they add, chemtrails are just in the eye of the beholder. Nothing but contrails up there.

Believers counter that chemtrails can be spotted. One way is the way they are laid out, forming patterns, including giant X’s. (Don’t look at me.)

Also, a chemtrail doesn’t dissipate like a normal contrail, claim the believers. It takes longer to disperse, slowly spreading out into wide bands spanning from horizon to horizon. Sometimes a chemtrail will form a film all over the sky.

But such details aren’t really evidence. Weather conditions and other factors could explain why some contrails hang so long in the sky. So what can be done?

Someone involved in chemtrailing has to come forward. A pilot or scientist or air traffic controller or government official – one of them must know what’s going on.

It’ll probably end up being a pilot blowing the whistle. One accident, a spray of pathogens, the pilot gets ill, and so it’s time to expose the plot.

I mean, that’s how it works on TV shows like The X-Files. TV is reality, right?

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Illuminati: Where’s The Paper Trail?

Smash the conspiracy.

How? Exposure. Spotlight its inner workings. Reveal the conspiracy’s secret documents to the world, tangible evidence that negates the power of the conspirators.

I don’t expect any official communiqu├ęs to pop up emblazoned with a special Illuminati letterhead. But with all the stuff the Mega-Conspiracy is accused of perpetrating and manipulating, you think someone would have a memo, decoded message, a bill of goods, something.

How do you coordinate plans across the world without any paperwork? After all, it means more in writing. If there’s a question or disagreement, you can point at a paper. OK, all communications are oral. But why doesn’t someone have an audio or video recording when the Great Conspirators share the same air? With all the surveillance going on, you would think there would be at least one wiretapped conversation where the Illuminati is identified in no uncertain terms.

And how do Illuminati recognize each other? Secret handshakes? Verbal countersigns? How could an Illuminatus really know the person he is dealing with isn’t an infiltrator?

Deception is part of the game. The deceiver can’t afford to be deceived. The Illuminati hide within other organizations, a few followers in top positions, from the Freemasons to the Council on Foreign Relations, even the MMMS. An interlocking network controlling events from the shadows to bring forth the One World Order.

But the Mega-Con doesn’t want the Freemasons doing something contrary to the CFR or MMMS. Orders have to go out so that the hydra doesn’t feed upon itself, one head eating the other.

Communication and coordination without a paper trail. How can it be done?


Long distance thought transference. An Illuminatus could be sitting in his office, as if pondering a problem, while Central Command mentally beams the latest evil news. Or it could happen while he’s taking a nap on a plane or sleeping in his own bed at night.

And if he met another person claiming to be an Illuminatus, his mind-reading ability would quickly detect a phony. Even though the other person is telepathic doesn’t mean he is a member in good standing with the Order. Mind to mind contact would be so intimate that a cat would quickly spot a dog.

But if the Illuminati are real, how could they be stopped?


Thought police.