Friday, May 09, 2008

Fortean Three: North Country Odd Events

They say bad things happen in a series of three. Looks like odd events can follow that pattern.

Recently the North Country – the corner of New York State where I live, hinterlands bordered by Canada and Lake Champlain – has popped up in the news of the weird and extraordinary.

Someone saw a black panther in the Lake Placid area. Not an indigenous critter in these parts. According to an article in the Lake Placid News dated 4/24/08, Tsermaa Plumley thought she heard a bear prowling around their property on Schaefer Road in Keene. Her husband Dan investigated to see what kind of animal was in the compost. They were surprised to see a large alien black cat (or ABC to use the Fortean abbreviation). The mysterious black panther left; no one was harmed, just startled. (

The day before (4/23/08) WPTZ-TV in Plattsburgh reported that a local student videotaped an UFO at night. Mysterious lights that could be anything, from what I saw of the video.


And on 4/25/08 the Plattsburgh State newspaper ran an article about a college student who photographed a black orb in his dorm room with his camera. He claimed it was some sort of spirit orb. What appears to be a face can be detected inside the orb. All I saw in the printed newspaper edition was a dark spot in one corner that could be a digital defect. (The image wasn’t shown on the website.)

After a long North Country winter, the Cosmic Prankster has awakened from his deep sleep. Time for him to swim around Lake Champlain as the monster nicknamed Champ.

X-Rayed: Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris

Theresa Morris believes she is an alien-human hybrid who possesses a special gene to fly extraterrestrial vehicles.

She has strong memories of being abducted when she was very young by ETS. Before she was old enough to attend school, Theresa was given a ride on a UFO but she had to return home because her family was looking for her. The ETs dropped her off in an empty field.

This experience – sometime between the ages of three and five – caused inner conflict. As she explains in her essay, Alien Civilizations Exist!, she knew she was loved and needed in two places, above and below. It was explained to her by the ETs that she had to be with her earth family for a while. Theresa observed: “I accepted my destiny as I was a small child and knew I had no choice.”

She began school, fitting in with the normal children. A serious medical condition – a liver disease, Hepatitis A – threatened her life. She was very ill for a while, needing a complete blood transfusion. During her illness alien beings visited her (only in her mind) and they reassured her that she would recover.

After she was back on her feet, she took a family trip to the White Sands dunes in New Mexico. She was playing with her cousins, out of sight of the adults, talking about subjects ET, when an alien spacecraft appeared and landed. Theresa and her cousins were allowed to check out the inside of the spacecraft.

Later on the adults heard the three children talking about the wonderful event. The adults scolded them, saying that they should never mention the incident again.

Despite such skepticism, Theresa continued her own life path, growing up to be an adult with extraordinary beliefs. She finally found her soulmate, the one she called The Commander, her husband Tom. Also possessing that special gene, Tom knows how to fly UFOs, the same way Theresa has been taught.

Theresa has pursued many different jobs and activities during her life. The list includes investigative reporter, US Navy reservist, psychic, motivational speaker, paranormal investigator, and truck driver. She dedicated her essay, Alien Civilizations Exist!, to all truck drivers, explaining that she and her husband have been there.

Theresa lives with her husband in a cabin somewhere in the Kentucky woods.

She sums up her POV with this quote:

“Never stop searching for what you think is unobtainable! Life is more that we can imagine in one life time.”



-- Alien Civilizations Exist!: A True Alien and UFO Story By Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.

-- Introductory articles on homepage; biographical info.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Toilet Seat: Up Or Down?

Leave it to chemical concocters and modern advertisers to come up with a solution to an age-old problem between men and women.

Reader’s Digest magazine prides itself as being “America In Your Pocket.” I hadn’t seen an issue for some time and so out of mild curiosity I picked up a copy I found tossed into the FREE BOX at the used book shop.

The cover for the April 2006 edition of RD demonstrates real concern for the human condition. Headlines shout:

-- Our Borders – WHAT’S AT RISK NOW

-- Shocking! The New Threat to Kids

-- ‘I CAN’T AFFORD TO GET SICK!’ Fixing Our Health Crisis

Yup, this digest-sized magazine is loaded with digestible articles that offer pragmatic solutions to perplexing problems.

And even the advertisers get into the act. That’s why there’s a full-page ad featuring a close-up of a toilet.

The seat is still down. The copy explains: Earlier today YOUR HUSBAND WASN’T QUITE AS ACCURATE as he likes to think he is.

In the lower right-hand corner is small image of a container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. The accompanying text provides this advice: Don’t just clean. Clean and disinfect.

A few words, a couple of images, and the problem is solved. Just let your lazy-ass hubbie try to piss pass the seat, instead of raising it, and you, the devoted wife, can wipe up his splatter.

Of course, whether or not pressing your bare buttocks on a toilet seat repeatedly smeared with chemicals can lead to problems isn’t addressed.

Me, I have another problem with the ad. It shows the leading sheet of the toilet paper roll hanging from the top.

Anyone with half-a-brain knows the paper should be pulled from the bottom, not the top.