Monday, November 05, 2007

Radio Station GOD

Experiments involving the implantation of electrodes in the brains of animals have shown that electrical stimulation to specific parts of the brain can control certain emotions. If these signals can be given directly, then theoretically they can be transmitted over a distance, to be received by our “brain radios.” -- God Drives A Flying Saucer, Page 33 (Bantam Books, 1969).

Did you know God in his flying saucer beamed messages to Adolph Hitler, manipulating the dictator so that the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima would be come true?

Welcome to the world of R.L. Dione. A world where God is supertechnological, not supernatural, the leader of alien technicians from another world.

The miracles at Fatima during 1916 – 1917 were actually UFO encounters, claims Dione. The three children didn’t see and receive messages from the Angel of Peace and the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was high tech deception by God the Alien.

One of the Fatima prophecies claimed peace would ensue after the consecration of Russia to the Virgin’s Immaculate Heart. If the consecration wasn’t carried out, many would suffer, Russia would spread its errors to other nations.

Dione surmises that God The Alien was upset with atheistic Russia. One ploy was to bring Hitler to power so that he could overthrow the Russian Empire and change its godless ways.

So how did ET God manipulate Hitler? Dione says the human brain is akin to a radio: it can receive and emit electromagnetic signals. With their advanced technology the aliens could track a particular person by his radio frequency and then beam in “divinely inspired” thoughts.

When Hitler was imprisoned he wrote Mein Kampf, outlining his plans for world conquest. Radio Station GOD took advantage of Hitler’s confinement to make sure he would regard Russia as his prime target. Sounds incredible? Dione points out that divinely inspired writers in the Bible were imprisoned or otherwise immobilized when they saw the truth. And ET God deceived those writers, ergo, the same thing must have happened with Hitler.

But didn’t Hitler fail? Yes, observes Dione, and looked what happened: Russia did spread her errors around the world. So the prophecy was true.

Left unanswered by Dione is why ET God didn’t pick a better puppet to convert Russia to theism. After all, centuries before ET God made a perfect pick with another agent: a man named Jesus Christ.


X. Dell said...

Sometimes, when the cranium has suffered physical trauma, the skull can amplify radio signals. The same can occur sometimes with some people after extensive dental surgery. But the broadcasts received aren't picked up as anything that's intelligible. It's more like listing to a radio playing from another room, where you can hear sounds but can't articulate syllables.

Then again, isolation can bring about psychic injury, resulting in psychological trauma and psychotic episodes. I think that would have been my first guess.

Radio GOD is considerably lower on my list of possibilities.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

I remember your series about TI's - targeted individuals. You covered the subject in considerable detail, showing how not all of these victim could be labeled as just plain nuts. And while the concept of God As Alien can't be completely dismissed, I do rule out Dione's take on the concept. His so-called "evidence" are nothing more than wild leaps of (il)logic.

I plan a third and last post on Dione's book. I'm trying to recover from a cold that won't go away. I wonder if Saucerian God has a cure for the common cold.