Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jesus, Saucerian Agent Of Deception

It’s easy to perform miracles when God, up there in his flying saucer, is backing you up with all sorts of supertechnological chicanery.

A brain manipulator and hypnosis can work around, not overcome, science.

R.L. Dione outlined the true story behind Jesus in his book, God Drives A Flying Saucer (Bantam Books, 1972). He claimed that the being we call God is actually an alien who has been secretly influencing events on earth for centuries.

As Dione points out, little is known about Jesus until he reached adulthood. This is because time was needed to make him the perfect agent of deception: education, indoctrination. Like a sleight of hand trickster, Jesus had to practice how to perform his miracles without any hitches. And, adds Dione cryptically, maybe this human chosen by Saucerian God had to undergo some biological changes.

Another reason why Jesus stayed in the background for thirty years is because his master had to set up some other pawns to be triggered later.

This was done through mind manipulation. Dione explains: “By the use of hypnotism He (Saucerian God) created the twisted, blind and insane subjects Jesus was to cure at a later date.” Jesus couldn’t help the truly infirmed. He would just make a SG victim snap out of a mentally induced state with a posthypnotic suggestion. A withered hand was mentally, not physically, deformed.

After all, Jesus couldn’t defy the laws of nature. To Dione even a Saucerian God has to play by science’s rules. Dione backs up his reasoning by saying there are no stories in the Bible about Jesus healing a person with a missing limb by causing a new one to grow. Apparently Dione subscribes to the fallacy that absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

Even the casting out of demons was done with SG hi tech trickery. Take the biblical story of Jesus driving demons from men into swine that in turn run off a cliff and drown. As Dione points out, while this is impressive stuff for back in those days, Jesus would have trouble repeating the same stunt in modern times because “he would have to contend with those members of society who are opposed to cruelty to animals.” (P. 105)

And that brings up an interesting scenario: Jesus being hassled by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

But whether it was lowly animals or humans, Saucerian God would use any earthly life form to achieve his goals.

Even, it seems, Jesus in the end.

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