Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Plan From Outer Space?

The push is on. Posters are circulating to make people aware of what they should do in the case of an emergency (i.e., TERRORISTS STRIKE!)

The poster features “nine essential items to help you shelter-in-place in the event of an emergency,” (i.e., TERRORISTS BLOW UP YOUR CITY!!!).

Emblazoned on the colorful poster is the logo, “Plan 9.”

Plan 9? Where have I seen that term before?

The poster lists items such as water, food, medications, and a first aid kit. Obviously a plan to reanimate the semi-dead. Is Ed Wood in charge of this project? Or could it be sinister aliens from another world who like their meat ambulatory, easy to herd, fresh on the hoof?


X. Dell said...

I'm thinking that the authorities conceived of the campaign for good reasons, even though it might tell their constituents, "We're putting up these posters because all you of Clinton County are idiots. Your stupid minds! Stupid, stupid stupid!"

Woodn't you know?

R. Lee said...

LOL. Although, not really. Sometimes I wonder if these things aren't intentionally; someone who's responible for these things sneaks in these little references. Either way, good observation!

(Plan 9 was on the other night; I watched it again (for the billionth time) and it still surprises me in its. . . its . . . whatever.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

But maybe the people of Clinton County won't be so stupid when we get the solaranite bomb. We'll be stronger!


Ray said...

R. Lee:

You mean Plan 9 still surprises you in its brilliance ... its understanding of the human condition ... its contribution to world peace ... its ... brilliance?

My computer is jammed. Excuse me while I throw it to the floor and have the metal break contact.