Thursday, September 13, 2007

Free Association: A Creative Mind At Work

I was sitting around the coffee shop the other day, killing time. I was bored.

For some reason the name of a city popped into my head: Butte, Montana.

Like I said, I was really bored.

(Does cute rhyme with butte?)


X. Dell said...

Well, either cute or cut. There are regional variations.

I half-expected to see a bird in this post, somewhere.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

A bird? Didn't you see that chick in the picture?


Doug said...

Butte is also a county in California. Somewhere a court clerk has a stamp with "Butte" on it, stamping that on legal documents every day (except weekends and holidays).

Such is my association. Clearly, I am not single.

Also, I am rarely bored. (I am often wasting time, but not often bored.) That's why I am not a better blogger.

The internet pretty much relies on boredom. Okay, it relies entirely on boredom.

What were we talking about?

Ray said...


What were we talking about?

The butte of my joke.