Sunday, July 08, 2007

Print Your Own

Over at my website I just added the latest version of my hardcopy zine, the Ray X X-Rayer. It’s a collection of posts from this blog mainly intended for those who prefer paper over photons. A few of my followers only receive my writings via snail mail. I include posts that aren’t time sensitive.

My printzine is created with MS Word. Instead of just storing my zine files on my harddrive, I decided to share them with my online readers.

I’m aware that I blog here infrequently. If you want to catch up with my observations in one neat package, check out The Zine Zone. You can either open or download each file with Word or a compatible word-processing program. Each edition – in glorious black and white – runs 4-6 pages.

1 comment:

R. Lee said...

That sounds cool; different and a good idea. I'll be sure to check that out.