Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Turf Wars

Yes, beings from other worlds are visiting our planet. But the ETs (extraterrestrials) aren’t completely responsible for the myriad of UFO sightings.

Cryptoterrestrials, a hidden race native to this world, are also out and about in their machines, thanks to their superior technology. Sometimes they try to scare off the ETs. But the CTs get flummoxed when they’re duped by ultraterrestrial tricksters from another dimension.

The UTs like to play the ETs and CTs off each other. The tricksters might pretend to be members of either group, projecting illusions of ET or CT vessels. But the tricksters are sometimes blamed for the actions of the DTs.

Demon terrestrials live beneath the earth, apart from the CTs. They have physical form but are shape-shifters, giving rise to the legends of demons as portrayed by many religions, especially Christian. They find the OTs – ordinary terrestrials, i.e., humans – gullible, easy targets for mental torture and manipulation. Fortunately angelic terrestrials – ATs – also exist, dropping down from their invisible domain in the upper atmosphere to keep DTs at bay.

A few of the OTs have their own relatively crude vessels that are the source of UFO reports. The US military likes to keep top-secret experimental aircraft secret by allowing sightings of such craft to be misinterpreted as alien spacecraft. And as part of mind control experiments, the OTs fake alien abductions.

Meanwhile, future terrestrials, that is, our descendants from tomorrow, use their advanced tech to travel back to yesteryear and try to sort out the whole ET-CT-UT-DT-AT-OT mess for the historical record. The FTs also disguise their time machines as UFOs, annoying all the other UFOnauts who are confused by the plethora of disguised vessels flying around.

One day too many X (for unknown) terrestrials will crowd the sky. All of the XTs, from AT to UT, want their piece of terra firma. It just takes one to decide to grab it all. Then the heavens will erupt.

And if that happens?


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X. Dell said...

I have to delve a bit deeper into your archives. I'd bet you have written a lot of good stuff on "the others," or "cryptoterrestrials." Given our collective lore, the opinion of Jacques Vallee and others, and given the nature of past cryptoterrestrials (e.g. gorillas, at one time thought to be mythical), this would be an interesting line of query.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

I don't know if I need to offer this clarification, but in case...

When I use the term "cryptoterrestrial," I'm not using it in the sense of Loren Coleman's research with cryptids. I am using the term as defined by Mac Tonnies at his blog, .

Here are a couple of links to articles by Mac dealing with his CTH theory:



I'm afraid you won't find that much in my archives pertaining to cryptids.

X. Dell said...

Those are both very nice articles. Thanks for the link.