Monday, March 19, 2007

Ufology As A Catty Girls School

“Well, I think Paul Kimball started it when he made a snippy comment about Kal Korff – no, I don’t mean Snippy the horse – anyway, Paul questioned Kal’s intelligence, Paul put up a photo of Kal as a Green Lantern, well, that wasn’t funny (but Kal did looked dreamy in that Green Lantern Corps uniform), and then Kevin Randle said something snarky and so Kal is having him investigated by the KPMG Sorority – oh, that Kevin!! (but he does look dreamy in his Army uniform) and then Mac Tonnies whispered something into Paul’s ear about Mirka, Mac has no Klass, he just repeats gossip (not that I am doing the same thing, I’m above that), and Merkin – oops, I mean Mirka Fabianova – is going to dish it out about Paul and what an uncool person he is (even though Paul does look dreamy with that big red maple leaf tattooed on his left buttock), anyway, all of this will solve the UFO mystery, won’t it?, maybe in time for the next dance, what are you going to wear?, you could…”


R. Lee said...


I'm with you on this one; it amazes me that there are so many adults who are intelligent, write well, seem to care about UFOlogy and related topics, and then suddenly they turn into middle schoolers. Or worse. Much worse, at times. Oh, we've all sunk low now and then; we are human. But still -- jesus crikey christ. Get over it and move on.

Paul Kimball said...


1. None of us are going to "solve" the UFO mystery.

2. One has to retain a sense of humour (which, admittedly, not everyone else will get).

Now, back to staring at the ceiling in my office.


P.S. Given Ms. Lee's long-running tete-a-tete with a certain "Odd Emperor", her comments are pretty amusing. ;-)

X. Dell said...

What's funny is that there are competing orthodoxies in ufology. I'd say that characterizing the sophistication of discourse as adolescent is perhaps a bit charitable. Perhaps a sandbox metaphor would be more appropriate.

Ray said...

R. Lee:



I debated whether or not to delete your PS. Gee, trying to stir up more trouble here at my blog? Regan did say "we've all sunk low now and then." Hell, my post is an example of that! As for none of us solving the UFO mystery -- well, how can you be so sure? Isn't that POV a bit cynical? I think you've been reading too much CSICOP propaganda [g]. I would agree that the way things look overall, it's more than likely that UFOs will remain a mystery, but one can never predict what the future will bring -- especially when one is too wrapped up with ad hominem attacks instead of debating issues. Anyway, when dealing with someone who opposes or even hates you, usually a scalpel works better than a broad ax.

X. Dell:

Considering how "catty" it gets, I would skip the sandbox and just use a litterbox metaphor.

ThanX to all for your comments.