Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Comment Round-Up (Blogger Buggy Again!)

Once again the email notification from Blogger screwed up and I was never notified that I had comments waiting for my approval in the Comments Moderation section. If I hadn't checked, I would have never found comments dating back to January 19th!

So I'll have to check for unmoderated comments more often and not depend upon the email notification system. Anyway, to play it safe, if you want to increase your odds that I'll get your comment, email me: Just put XR Comment in the subject line so that I'll know it's not spam.

And for those who commented recently, please understand that it's Blogger, not me, ignoring your comments.

I don't trust Blogger to make the switchover to its "new and improved" system. Until I'm forced to move, I'll stay with Old Blogger. From what I understand, comments don't make the transfer to the new format.

Since I value feedback, let me respond with this post to the comments I found hanging in limbo.

In regards to a story in my post, UFOs: A Componential Overview, Part 2, Dustin reacted to the story about some kids who scared people in their area during an UFO flap by dressing up as aliens:

Imagine the shock of some redneck after thinking he finally shot a genuine alien and finding out that he shot some moron wrapped in aluminum foil...the world's certainly an odd place.

I can imagine how the ensuing court case would work out. Could the shooter's actions be excused because he sincerely believed that "aliens" were going to harm him? (I wonder if legal eagle Paul Kimball has any thoughts to share on that topic?)

And with my post, UFOs: A Componential Overview, Part 1, dealing with the nature of reality, Doug observed:

I hate it when subjective reality gives me a paper cut. Stings like a mo-fo.

I would say the pain is objective reality. If you enjoy the pain, then it's subjective reality.

I also had a comment from Anonymous that I thought I had approved for publication but now it seems to be lost. It said that my webpage, wasn't working. I don't know if he meant that the zine section was giving him problems because most of the editions are saved only in MS Word and you need that program to open and read them. If the entire website wasn't working, then it had to be a temporary glitch, because as far as I know it is running OK. Maybe I was updating it when you tried.

Anyway, if you come across any problems with my blog or website, please email me and I'll try to fix them. If Blogger remains a pain in the ass, especially after I switch over, I might drop this service and just use my website for blogging. Sometimes it's easier to post there with FTP than it is with screwing around with Blogger. So bookmark my website as a backup.

ThanX for the comments. I appreciate the feedback.

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