Saturday, December 30, 2006

Two Questions

Recently the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal has announced it is changing its name to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. So CSICOP is becoming CSI.

When referring to the organization by its original name, some would pronounce the abbreviation CSICOP as sie-kop (Psi-Cop). Ergo, one could pronounce CSI as sis-see.

So if someone representing CSI acts petty and irritable, could that person be called a pissy Sissy?

Also, if a CSI representative keeps tirelessly repeating the same dogma over and over, creating a minor commotion that doesn't change your mind, could you call him Sissyfuss?

[Note: Ray X will be appearing at the Purple Elephant Comedy Club this weekend.]

Comments via email:


Doug said...

Ack! He'll be here all week--tip your waitress!

R. Lee said...

heh, heh. . .

Ray said...

Doug & Regan:

ThanX for the comments.

I've been thinking over my term for a CSI member. Maybe it should be spelled Cissy but still pronounced "sissy."

Anyway, when it comes to chronic skeptics and ufologists, I'm an uniter, not a divider. (Gee, where did I hear that line before?)