Thursday, November 23, 2006

XMA$: The Meme of Materialism

Back in September a few stores had Xma$ crap on display. Then more stores joined in a week before Halloween. Pushing that Holiday $pirit.

Tomorrow is Black Friday, so-called because most stores make so much money that it puts them in the black for the year. Actually it’s a black day because human lemmings, all suffering from commercially induced mental illness, throng to the malls like greedy rats.

The doors open early; shoppers race in, trampling the less quick underfoot. They fight over that Perfect Toy that Johnny or Jane needs or the kid will feel completely unloved. Mind-controlled consumers who put into practice the themes of the season: Peace On Earth; Good Will Towards Others.

And as shoppers spend beyond their means, they become poorer while the rich just rake in more loot.

It’s OK not to like Xma$. In fact, it’s a sign of sanity to hate it.

Don’t be a lemming. Or a rat.

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Doug said...

My girlfriend shops for everyone else; I pay for it. Thus, I only need to shop for her. It's a compromise that works for me. And by that, I mean it keeps me from killing anyone, which tends to put a downer on any time of the year.

And this year we're only getting gifts for kids (none for adults), and just one per kid, so we're cutting back on contributing to the holiday madness.

I agree with the rant, but by this point I think anyone who believes the 25th of December has anything to do with Jesus other than eponymous origins is very quaint.

I'm also amused by the way people need a month of non-stop holiday music and lights on every house to muster the spirit that the joy of the holiday is supposed to grant them.

No one can be joyous from September through December without coming down hard in January.

I'm just saying.