Thursday, October 26, 2006

Website Updates

Besides this blog I also maintain, a place where I archive my many eXpressions as short articles and in zine form. Under the section designated "X-Rays" I've added an article that appeared the latest edition of my print zine, The Ray X X-Rayer, outlining its evolution. For inclusion in "X-Rays" I changed the title a bit to "50 Issues: A Brief History."

If you look under "The Zine Zone" you will see links for X-Rayer #50, a choice of MS Word format or plain text. I no longer create a webzine version in HTML because it just duplicates what is already on my blog. Also, I'm assuming that most readers have MS Word or a compatible wordprocessing program to access (and to print out, if needed) the print zine version.

Unless I hear otherwise from my readers, I will only archive my zine as a Word file. And if suitable, I will also save it as plain text. Issue #49 was too much of a mix with text and images to work as an ASCII file. Ergo, I only uploaded a Word version. X-R #50 turned out not to have any images, except for the masthead logo, a detail not needed for a plain text version.

I'm trying to keep my work accessible to most readers: that's why I still have a photocopied snail mail version. I use Word to create that version. After an issue is printed, it's no problem for me to upload the Word file to my site and create link to it. So if you're at work and the boss isn't around, now is the time to print it out and stick it to The Man.

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