Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lack Of Air To Dvorsky’s Brain Affects His Thinking; Doctors Rush To Place Oxygen Line Up His Backside

George P. Dvorsky is a bigot.

Recently at his blog,, he took some cheap shots at Mac Tonnies and everyone who has a serious interest in UFOs. LINK

To quote him: "Trouble is, however, a significant and burgeoning segment of society doesn’t believe this to be true – the so-called UFOlogists. You know, the folks who talk about flying saucers, little green men (or is that grey men?), crop circles – the whole X-Files bit. Today, an entire sub-culture exists devoted to these topics as if they were matter of fact."

It's so easy to stereotype a whole group with one sweeping statement. I don't consider myself an ufologist, but I am interested in the topic. Apparently, in Dvorksy's eyes, I believe in "flying saucers," "little green men," and all sorts of kooky stuff. Never mind that he's invoking the saucer nut stereotype of the 1950s, jamming us all into the space brothers/contactee fringe pigeonhole.

Yes, there are kooks in the UFO field. But I'll bet if you dig deep enough, you will find a few scientists or skeptics with "kooky" beliefs.

And to quote The Great Dvorsky again: "And I also know that Mac Tonnies over at Posthuman Blues links to my articles from time-to-time. Posthuman Blues often deals with transhumanist and other future issues, but Tonnies’s legitimate content is offset by his misguided focus on UFOlogy. As a result, the transhumanist movement may have a harder time gaining public acceptance and support with this kind of negative association."

As if the transhumanist movement won't have a hard time gaining acceptance with bigots like Dvorsky and his kind of negative outlook.

I don't agree with Mac on everything -- occasionally I find him a bit downbeat and too "bluesy" - but at least I respectfully disagree with his viewpoints. Anyway, he runs his blog the way he wants. I would never tell him what to say or think, unlike The Great Dvorsky.


Paul Kimball said...


Well said, and spot on.


Anonymous said...

The most experiece pilot in Luthansa who was and may be now on the board of directors witnessed a UFO. Gordon Couper chased UFOs. Scientist, Military, Newsman, Presidents,Ten of thousands people alone and in groups. They have been chased and now they found a plane that had crashed into one at the bottom of a great lake, it's wing sheared off. I saw one in the daytime with a friend. It was not a light it was a craft in fact two of them flying in formation no more than 500 ft up. I was with a friend. I know someone or something built at least two "flying disks" and no armchair quarterback is going to tell me different. To me he is a fool.
Joe Capp
Brooklyn, NY
PS I don't buy any bridges.

Mac said...


Dustin said...

Nicely said! I think the guy's just ignorant. I posted a bit about him if anyone's interested.