Monday, October 30, 2006

Hillbilly Heaven

Recently I joined, invited by Paul Kimball. So far I haven't done that much with my site over there. Paul advised that I should put up a photo of myself or a least a picture of my "lovely hometown."

Well, here's a snapshot of an inspiring spot in my town. I thought I should share it with all my "fans" here at blogspot.

All that is missing is the broken washing machine and the rusted-out car sitting on cinderblocks.

Actually, the rest of the neighborhood is OK, but for some reason the city and the neighbors just let this frontyard faux pas slide. The owners do pick it up for a while, only to place new old stuff in a different arrangement. Maybe it's really some sort of art project. (And maybe the Pope is an atheist.)

1 comment:

Doug said...

Somehow I'm guessing there's fewer homeless people in your neighborhood than in mine. You do have the lawn furniture crown, but that's because we don't have lawns in my neighborhood.