Monday, August 14, 2006

UFO Winks Over Plattsburgh, NY

I snapped this photo yesterday, just before the strange object winked out of sight.

This actual digital photo has been reproduced with relatively minor adjustments using Photoshop. The adjustments were made only to enhance details.

Now some might criticize the veracity of this image. For example, the perspective of the old courthouse building doesn’t match the object in the sky. The building seems to be taken with a wide-angle lens: its lines evince some keystone distortion, bending away from the camera towards the middle.

But the strange object doesn’t show any signs of such distortion, as if it was taken from a second image made with a telephoto lens. The UFO looks flat compared to the building.

And the angle of the sunlight striking the object doesn’t match the illumination falling on the courthouse.

Well, as you may see, the UFO is surrounded by an unearthly aura, indicating transdimensional flight. The reason why its lighting and perspective don’t match the building is because we are seeing the object as viewed in another dimension. In the other dimension the sunlight is at a different angle and the perspective is flatter.

Of course, the aura around the object couldn’t have been produced by using the “feathering” effect in Photoshop.

I am hoping the object will return and land so that I may meet its occupants. Mac Tonnies at his blog has been going on about his adventures with beautiful space women, carrying on the fine tradition of Professor George Adamski.

But since this is Plattsburgh, I won’t be surprised if the occupants are neither beautiful or women.


Paul Kimball said...


Now, now... I've been to Plattsburg, and it seemed like a nice enough place.

Of course, I just stopped for gas. It's not like I live there, so who knows?



Ray said...


You're right about one thing: with our city and business leaders, there's plenty of gas in Plattsburgh. [G]



Mac said...

No, no, no -- the spacewomen have chosen *me* as ther "ambassador"! Don't get any uppity ideas!