Friday, August 11, 2006

Here We Go Again (Maybe)

Fortunately a terrorist threat has been stopped in time, saving many lives. I’ve never doubted that there is a problem with terrorism.

But another problem is overreaction. OK, maybe all liquids should be banned from airplanes for the time being. I have no quibble with that. Yet, as it has been demonstrated before, some authorities might start down that slippery slope towards a state of strict control that violates the rights of the people while not stopping acts of terrorism.

And in a while we become more like the undemocratic states that support terrorists.

There has to be a balance. I’m concerned that fear might tip the response too far to one side, at least on local levels, if not nationally. The Noughties become a repeat of the Sixties, polarization and violence.

Photography, writing, blogging –- all forms of personal expression might be threatened if you don’t “get behind The Program,” i.e., agree with everything dictated from The Authorities, don’t complain, don’t question.

And if it comes to that, try not to bleat too loud on the way to the “relocation center.”


Paul Kimball said...


Just remember that one can over-react to the "over-reaction".



CharacterMagnet said...

I wish to respond to what Mr. Kimball said: (snip)>>>"Just remember that one can over-react to the 'over-reaction".<<<

How so? There is a real threat to our way of life coming from two parties; namely, the so-called terrorists, and, in over-reaction to this threat, our government!! Not reacting to the insipient threats to our freedom caused by our own govt in this so-called "land of the free" is far worse. I believe Ray is hardly over-reacting. Given the government's inscrutible power and unaccountability of such power, the "Joe Citizens" of America can hardly come close to "over-reacting to the over-reaction" that is making present-day America "un-American" in its reprehensible repression of its bedrock of liberty.

Paul Kimball said...


Your overreaction is exactly what I was talking about.

The problem is that everyone thinks about this moment, and doesn't look at the bigger picture, or place things in context. The West has faced bigger threats before (umm... Hitler pops to mind) - when they did so, there were far greater "infringements" on civil rights than the ones you're seeing now. The Republic / Commonwealth / Dominion / Kingdom etc. all survived.

Like I said, an overreaction, born in most cases by a lack of understanding of our own history, and the give and take between freedom and security that has always happened during periods of conflict and instability.