Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blogspotter Profile: Rear Admiral Zorgrot

This is the third in a series about other writers at Blogspot who share my interest in the Uncommon and the Unusual.

The subject of the above photo is purported to be an extraterrestrial visiting this planet as part of a birdbrained mission.

At his Blogspot site, Zorgrot Quacks – I mean, Speaks , this avian alien details his exploratory exploits. In the company of one Paul Kimball –- Documentary Maker and Overgrown Adolescent –- Rear Admiral Zorgrot has decided that all human males should elect goddess Carmen Electra as supreme ruler.

Recently Saucer Smear editor Jim Moseley sent me an article that explained that terran mallards during mating season undergo certain biological changes, specifically their testes grow three times the size of their brains.

After reading some of posts written by the Rear Admiral, you will agree that due to his otherworldly physiology, Zorgrot’s testes and brain are the same organ.

His unresolved lust for model Carmen Electra is abysmally disturbing. I haven’t suffered the creeps so bad since Lea Thompson did a sex scene with the title character of the movie Howard The Duck. Zorgrot’s sicko posts don’t fit the bill for me.

Of course, I render such comments at great personal risk since Zorgrot’s favorite way to resolve a conflict is to blast away with his laser gun. In fact, on one occasion Zorgrot repaid an ambulance crew for saving his life by vaporizing them! And this being claims that he comes in peace! He also brags about his Sub-Atomic Particle Transporter that allows him to pop in and out anywhere at will.

Well, I don’t fear Zorgrot. If he ever shows up here, I’ll tell him to get stuffed.

Wait a minute –- what’s that sound?


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