Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blogspotter Profile: Paul Kimball

Since I started my site at Blogspot, I’ve notice that it’s like living in a new neighborhood. I’ve met a few interesting neighbors along the way, albeit online only. This is the first of a series of profiles about other Blogspotters who share my interest in the Uncommon and the Unusual.

Like uncle, like nephew.

With an UFO researcher in the family, it was obvious that Paul Kimball would find himself intrigued by the mysterious world of aerial phenomena. Paul does point out that he does have his differences of opinion with Stanton Friedman, but he still remains on good terms with his uncle. Too many in the UFO field with conflicting viewpoints can’t separate a person from opinion.

Paul prefers the term UFO researcher in regards to his interest. He doesn’t consider himself an ufologolist; there’s too much baggage associated with that word. He is the open-minded skeptic who doesn’t open his mind so far that his brain falls out.

Also, since UFO usually means “spaceship from another planet,” Paul prefers the neutral acronym UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), but ends up using UFO anyway because one can only shift perceptions only a bit at a time.

At his blog, The Other Side Of Truth , Paul informs and entertains with all sorts of personal takes on various UAP-related subjects. Recently he has been running a series of articles about law cases involving UFOs, such as Dupas v. New Orleans: someone was scanning the night skies for strange objects when a police car hit him. (The police car, please note, had its headlights off. Isn’t it against the law to drive around without lights?)

Paul is qualified to seek and comment on such cases because of his background in law, being a member of the Nova Scotia Barristers Society. (Or maybe not. I’m assuming that he can’t sue me from his Halifax stomping grounds if I get any of this info wrong.) He’s mainly known as a documentary-film director-producer whose efforts include Stanton T. Friedman Is Real. (That’s a clever way to stay within budget: get the family involved.)

Upcoming documentaries are Fields of Fear, about cattle mutilations, and Best Evidence: The Top 10 UFO Cases (pretty much self-explanatory, eh?).

Unfortunately I’ve never seen one of Paul’s documentaries and probably never will since I don’t have cable TV. (Hint, hint.)


Paul Kimball said...


Thanks for the profile, which seems pretty accurate to me. :-)

I suspect Zorgrot will have his own comments, however. Keep your head down!

As for a film, e-mail me your address, and I'll arrange to send a copy of Stanton T. Friedman to you once we get some new DVDs (we're out at the moment).


Paul Kimball said...

Er... that should read "Stanton T. Friedman is Real". Alas, I can't send you a copy of Stan himself - only Zorgrot has cloning technology, and he won't loan it out (plus Stan is too big to mail).


Ray said...


The "T." is duly noted and has been corrected.