Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Blogspotter Profile: Mac Tonnies

This is the second in a series of articles about other writers at Blogspot who share my interest in the Uncommon and the Unusual.

Mac Tonnies lives (or did live) in the suburbs of Kansas City, Missouri. He hates the suburbs there. (Mac, try living in Plattsburgh, NY for a year. You’ll kiss the suburb ground in your locale after returning from a twelve-month stretch here.) Author, essayist, blogger, and purveyor of cheesecake photos, Mac holds forth at his site Posthuman Blues .

Seriously, Mac does a lot more than bitch about the suburbs and upload cheesecake. He has been offering segments of his ongoing project dealing with his IH (Indigenous Hypothesis) theory of UFOs. No, he doesn’t believe that UFOs are flying saucers piloted by Nazis hiding below the South Pole. He speculates that we might be sharing our planet with a shadow race that is able to manipulate the minds of lesser humans.

I say “lesser humans” because Mac theorizes this shadow race and ours did an evolutionary split from a common ancestor in the dim past. So basically both races are human but the cryptoterrestrials –- a term he adopted to describe the secret civilization –- evolved faster, in different ways, having a talent for telepathic trickery.

Mac doesn’t offer this theory as Truth, unlike too many other bloggers who populate the Web and try to corner the market on paranormal paradigms. His theory is an interesting mental exercise that might be a way of getting at the reality behind UFOs and other strange occurrences in mankind’s history, such as glimpses of mysterious creatures (Bigfoot) and stories of abductions by the Little People.

(Note: Mac sometimes abbreviates cryptoterrestrial as CT. Don’t get that CT abbreviation mixed up with the other one associated with the images of near-naked models he uploads occasionally.)

At his blog Mac links to other articles on the Net dealing with his interests, such as climate change and anomalous phenomena, and he also shares a few of his own photos, including a building in his new neighborhood that once housed a mental hospital. He does use a cellphone camera with limited resolution and angle of view; I would like to see what he could do with a “real” digital camera (at least 3 or 4 megapixels with a decent optical zoom).

Mac is a good sport. I’ve posted a few jokey comments at his blog and he has taken them in stride. At least there’s one person out there who can appreciate my offbeat humor. (Not to be confused with beat-off humor associated with cheesecake photos that –- never mind.)

With his writing endeavors Mac has succeeded to get two books published (unlike yours truly with zero books in print). Illumined Black And Other Adventures is a collection of short SF stories. One story that intrigues me is punishment by virtual reality: a criminal serves his sentence within his mind, five seconds passing as 500 years. Mac’s other tome is non-fiction: After The Martian Apocalypse speculates that Mars might have seen the rise and fall of an intelligent civilization that has left behind remains such as The Face.

So Mac has done well for someone who has lived on the wrong side of the tracks, i.e., the suburbs.

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Mac said...

Seriously, Mac does a lot more than bitch about the suburbs and upload cheesecake.

Well, I try. ;-)