Monday, May 22, 2006

Patio Car: A Vehicle For Protest

The owner of the car pictured above is a cigarette smoker upset by the recent laws prohibiting smoking inside public places such as restaurants. He decided to build his own designated smoking area atop his station wagon.

I asked the owner about all the fixtures on his mobile patio, if he ever had trouble with a strong wind. He said that the chairs and other items were all bolted down.

I also inquired if any local police officers had seen him driving his patio car around town and if he had been stopped for any sort of violation. He replied that the police had seen the car and thought it was funny. The owner added that the trouble with the country today was that there were too many laws affecting the rights of individuals.

I wonder: how long before patio cars are banned? After all, you can’t have such individualistic dissent permitted: it will damage our democracy.

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