Friday, May 12, 2006


Attention: Richard Hoagland!

I just found this photo at under the post heading of Laughlin Photo Album - Volume V, Tuesday, May 09, 2006. This blog is the work of Canadian UFO researcher and documentary-maker, Paul Kimball. It was taken during his travels; in the background the Hoover Dam is depicted. I've cropped most of the image to concentrate on the important detail. No, it's not the breathtaking celestial body, but what is written on the rail next to her right hip.

See that graffito? One letter is obscured. It must be an "M" -- as in Mars. Notice the star symbol tagged on the end of the graffito?

In the comments section to this post, Mac Tonnies ( ) says the structures in the background look like the Mars settlement in the movie "Total Recall."

See how it ties together, Mr. Hoagland? I bet some Freemasons were involved in the construction of the Hoover Dam. If you take the square area of the dam site and add it to the value of pi and then divide by 1.2 googol, you will arrive at a number that proves the third tower in the background lines up perfectly with the pyramid on Mars during a key Freemason holiday.

Need I eXtrapolate more?

Ray X


Paul Kimball said...

Hilarious!! :-)


Mac said...

Ha! I totally missed the graffiti!

Steve said...

The graffiti looks like 'stars' to me ...

Ken said... all makes sense, now. And the angles, the dangles, YOU'VE GOT IT!

The Old Ones designed these things as all makes sense, now.

Then again, maybe not. :-)

CharacterMagnet said...

The three towers resemble Daleks of Dr Who infamy....hmmm, what did I do with George Noory's phone number...