Thursday, March 16, 2006

Should We Tell The President?

I just finished some light reading in the form of Godzilla Returns by Marc Cerasini (1996). This version takes place in 1996-1998, the big guy returning many years later after his first Tokyo stomp in 1954. I was just perusing along when I came across this bit on pages 102-103:

Soon everyone had taken a seat around the table. They sipped tea and watched the monitors. Occasionally, Nick would change the sound--turning down the volume on one TV, and turning up another.

"The governments of Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Syria have just issued a joint statement," the CNN anchorwoman said somberly. "It reads in part: Godzilla is a Sword of Allah. It is a weapon to punish the decadent western democracies and the people of Japan. Any aggression against Godzilla will be considered an act of terrorism against the nations of Islam.”

Uh-oh. Does Prez W know about this? Looks like we better invade Iran before it creates Allahzilla! (Hey, as justification for invasion, it holds more heavy water than what W used to attack and destabilize Iraq.)

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