Thursday, March 16, 2006

Deathless Lyrics Live Again

While recovering from a cold I decided to pass some time watching some of the dubious films in my budget DVD collection. I selected She Gods of Shark Reef (1958), directed by Roger Corman, typical drive-in fodder that should’ve remain in obscurity.

But what struck me was the theme song, Nearer My Love To You, written by Jack Lawrence and Frances Hall. Singer Sylvia Sim’s haunting voice enraptured me. And the lyrics! How can I describe them? Words fail me. Let me share them so that you, too, will be overwhelmed by their poetic imagery and emotional depth.

“Nearer My Love To You”

If you were the sea,
I would be the shore.
If you were a key,
I would be the door.

I dream of a way
To be closer each day
Nearer my love to you.

If you were a bird,
I would be your nest.
If you were the sun,
I would be the west.

If you were a heart,
I would be the beating part.
Nearer my love to you.

When I heard such immortal lyrics, I wanted to give up writing forever because I could never attain such a lofty standard.

The song was released on Decca Records. Apparently it sold five copies.

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