Sunday, December 11, 2005

Al Parker, LibertyNetter: A Sketch

Every Saturday night at 10 PM Eastern Time, a group of concerned Americans take to the airwaves in the 75 meter band, usually in the vicinity of 3.950 MHz, in single sideband mode. Heard primarily on the US East Coast, these amateur radio operators – hams – are politically to the right of Rush Limbaugh and the Fox News TV channel.

After listening to the Liberty Net over the years, allowing their voices into my home, I’ve noted the differences in personalities, even though they repeat the same mantras about the threat of the New World Order. One of the regulars is Al Parker, hailing from Long Island. Parker has talked about the good old days of TV, the 1950s, when respectable programming was the norm. From his reminiscences, one gets the impression that he grew up during those golden years of such programs as “Have Gun, Will Travel” and “The Donna Reed Show.” He pines for those wholesome diversions, the oldtime Westerns and light-hearted family comedies. After all, black and white TV shows had black and white values, no shades of gray.

Oddly enough, Parker is a science fiction fan. (Odd in the sense that most people associate SF with liberated thinking – liberalism.) Sometimes he’ll mention an old episode of “Star Trek” or “The Twilght Zone” to illustrate a point regarding the shadowy takeover of the USA by the Great Conspiracy.

And then there’s his speculations. Only an SF writer sitting alone at a bar, belting down the hard stuff and letting his imagination run wild, could match Parker’s epiphanies. For example, conspiracy theorists suspect that contrails left behind by certain aircraft are laced with chemicals, so-called chemtrails. It’s part of a plan or experiment to control the masses. Parker stated that he wouldn’t be surprised if chemtrails would be used by the NWO to project holograms in the sky to frighten and control the masses through religious symbols. He was implying something on the order of a giant talking Jesus in the sky.

Sometimes he’ll get on a kick about a certain aspect of the conspiracy, the Illuminati and organized crime, going on about the Illumina-Mafia. Lately he’s been anti-Albionic, blaming Britain and its Royal Family for the evil schemes unfolding throughout the world. Sometimes Parker has interesting leaps of logic. Take red symbolism, for instance. Red China loves that color and so does Britain. Look at the redcoats who fought against the colonists during the Revolutionary War. Red = royal power and communism.

Parker discusses and speculates on stuff way beyond anything Donna Reed could have ever imagined. For him the world will never return to black and white TV.

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