Friday, November 11, 2005

Latest Illuminati Ploy: Goofy Comic Books?

What would Bill Cooper think if he was still alive?

Cooper used to rant and rave on his radio program, Hour of the Time, about all the Illuminati symbols semi-hidden in everyday objects, from that mystical pyramid topped with an all-seeing eye on the dollar bill to any architecture featuring pyramidal shapes. It was all a pyramid scheme to him.

The Illuminati, as defined by Cooper, was an interlocking network of organizations focused upon enslaving all of mankind under a new world order. Such organizations as the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Freemasons, Green Stamps Redemption Centers, whatever.

One time I called Bill Cooper when he was a guest on another radio program. I talked about all the mystic symbols I spotted during the introduction to David Letterman’s late night show when he was on NBC-TV – you know, back in the days when Dave was funny. While the intro credits rolled, the viewer was treated to a fly-over of New York City at night, all sorts of illuminated skyscrapers. I mentioned that one building was topped by a pyramid, obviously a cryptic symbol hidden in plain sight by the Illuminati.

Bill Cooper agreed with me. David Letterman was an Illuminatus, a key player in the machinations of the mega-conspiracy.

Programs such as Cooper’s on shortwave radio were very entertaining, much more so than one of my other pastimes, comic books. The trouble with comics was I matured, the medium didn’t.

In fact all the entertainment I get from comics lately is reading various web sites about the industry, keeping up with the latest schemes and feuds. The business, not the product, provides more fun.

So the other day I’m scanning one comic book site,, and what do I see? An article entitled ILLUMINATING THE ILLUMINATI WITH BRIAN BENDIS. Without any mention of Adam Weishaupt and the Great Conspiracy, the piece talked about how funnybook writer Bendis has formed within the world of Marvel Comics a nexus of leading superheroes – Mister Fantastic, Doctor Strange, Forbush-Man, et al. – who meet in secret to handle a major crisis when it arises. Guess what name is used for this cabal of costumed clowns?

As Bendis explains: “The inspirations for the Illuminati came from things like the UN Security Council, as well as the closed-door meetings in the White House and other organizations and countries that are off the books…”

Art imitating life?

Bill Cooper used to maintain that the Illuminati laughed at the unsuspecting masses, the sheeple too stupid to see the clues right in front of them.

One wonders how many ultra-right-wingers have contacted Marvel Comics to expose this apparent subterfuge by the real-life Illuminati. To atone, Marvel should publish a “Classics Illustrated” version of the Cooper conspiracy masterpiece, “Behold A Pale Horse.” In that book Cooper maintained – before the X-Files TV series – that the government was covering up the truth about UFOs and, more importantly, it was conspiring with evil space aliens who were cruelly experimenting on human abductees.

Hey, it would be better than that crap they’re doing with Spider-Man lately.

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