Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Archetypal Clickbait Comic Cover

No, Superman didn't die unlike the more recent event. By the time I read this comic in the 1960s I was getting tired of Kal-El. He was too powerful. 

For example he's on a date with Lois Lane one night and the moon starts falling towards the earth. So Superman just flies up and fixes the problem.

Even as Superboy Kal-El was one step below God. Challenged to perform impossible tasks Superboy stands on his head. People say, "So what?" He tells them to check with the local observatory. Astronomers are shocked that the earth has moved out of its orbit. With his impossible task completed Superboy just puts the world back into proper orbit. Of course with the moon's gravitational pull still in effect one would think his moving trick wouldn't be that easy. No earthquakes or tidal waves.

It got the the point that I wished Superman would die. That's why I started reading Spider-Man. He didn't web the moon back into correct orbit while on a date. In the early issues he would get bruised in a fistfight. He was strong but not that strong. But over the years like Superman Peter Parker's strength has increased to the point that he could sneeze and rip off Mary Jane's clothes. Instead of hauling out the kryptonite the writers will have to weaken Spidey with DDT.

Marvel Clickbait Cover -- How Could You, House of Ideas?

In the early days Marvel drew more fans than DC/National Periodicals because it didn't recycle the same old crap. But here's an example of old crap, a Marvel cover using the same blurbs as DC to claim that a key character was indeed taking a dirt nap. Some third rate character called the Changeling was impersonating Prof X so that the real Xavier could pursue a secret mission, a fact hidden from the X-Men. So it was a hoax, it wasn't real. Too bad no one filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission about deceptive business practices.

CBR: Clickbait Bamboozles Readers

Yup, I'm on anti-clickbait kick.

Comic Book Resources has stooped into the deceptive luring of readers. The above image is accompanied by the shocking headline: 15 MCU Scandals Marvel Tried To Bury. Scandal -- as in sex? As in Spider-Man portrayer Tom Holland committed a shocking transgression to this innocent girl (see the red arrow!) while she was taking a shower.

Forget it. If you watch the YouTube video [ ] you won't see the distressed naked babe. Instead you'll learn about a series of controversies like a director didn't like a producer, typical Hollywood gossip.

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