Monday, May 21, 2018

Chloe -- How Could You?


Actress Allison Mack -- or at least her Smallville character Chloe Sullivan -- appeared to be so innocent but independent.  That's why allegations about her sadistic involvement in a sex cult shocked me.

From what has been reported the path to her arrest began when she met Keith Raniere, leader of the group called Nxivm (pronounced BULL-shit.)  Apparently Raniere filled a need in Allison.  Despite her success in Smallville -- a TV series about young Clark Kent before he became Superman -- there was still something missing in her life.

Nxivm had different organizations under its aegis.  Allison first attended a seminar held by Jness which promoted itself as a women's empowerment movement that would bring personal growth to its members.

The story goes as part of her personal growth Allison would become Rainere's #2, running another organization called DOS, Dominus Obsequious Sororium, or Master Over Slave Women.  Allegedly Allison would recruit sex slaves into the cult to service Raniere. Prosecutors have reported that DOS recruits would be initiated by being held down as a cauterizing pen burned a brand into their skin, a symbol that combined the initials of both Raniere and Allison.

New York federal prosecutors indicted Rainere and Allison with felony counts including sex trafficking.

In one Smallville episode Chloe Sullivan became evil after being exposed to red kryptonite.  I would like to watch that episode again.  Maybe some of Allison's negative side was showing through.

After all each of us has a dark side.


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