Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fight Or Flight

Over at his fanzine, Fadeaway, Robert Jennings has mentioned the problem of Too Much Stuff.  TMS occurs when  various items pile up but these items have some value, it's not easy to just toss them out.

In Richard's case he is not only a SF/fantasy/OTR fan but also a dealer.  I'm just a fan and while I haven't accumulated the mass Richard has I still have a surfeit of stuff.

This is one reason why I haven't moved away from this apartment after suffering through the same problems for decades.  The problems would be fixed – or so it appeared – and I avoided another Big Move.

Other people have commented Plattsburgh, NY apartments compared to those in other places are overpriced.  Someone who moved here – and is now leaving – told me that he was upset that he was paying $500 a month for a place that included fleas.  He had to spend more even though he didn't need a lot of space and lived alone.

But it looks like I'm going to have to move albeit while staying in the city.  No notice yet from the landlord but I expect my marching orders when he hears that I filed a complaint with the building inspector's office.  Of course I'm in the right – I can document the details – but being in the right and having facts on your side means nothing when you're dealing with a  system built upon he Golden Rule:  He with the gold makes the rules.

For decades I've been stuck in the classic fight-or-flight situation with this apartment.  After getting crapped on once too often I've decide to fight.  

So I'm faced with another apartment search in Plattsburgh, NY.  The last time it was so enjoyable.

I called phone numbers listed in the classifieds.  One woman refused to rent to me because she only rented to females.  Another man refused to rent to me because I was single.  His “justification” was that single couples didn't stay long but married couples did.

Discrimination?  Of course.  But do you fight it and have a good chance of winning?

Don't forget the Golden Rule.

(From Ray X X-Rayer #123.)

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X. Dell said...

That sucks that you might have to move, especially if you're taking an extensive collection with you.

I wouldn't think that %500 a month is all that steep for an apartment in NYS, but it is if you have to deal with fleas or other vermin.