Thursday, May 12, 2016

Don't Fokr Closed Captioning

(C) 2016 Ray X

Yes, I'm still using steam engine technology, a VCR.  And until my budget situation changes I'm stuck with videotape for recording TV programs.

But the VCR includes closed captioning which can be activated.  My hearing is a bit off. Instead of blasting the audio from cult movies, disturbing other renters around me, I hit CC and follow the story that way.

But note it's hard to understand what is happening with the captioning is nothing but garbled nonsense.  "Godzilla is stomping Tokyo" becomes "gxR metyT ghhu."

So I'm watching "Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle For Earth" (1992) and when I switch on CC it's the worse indecipherable crap I've ever seen.  For example check out this image from the movie:

(To enlarge click on image.)

Of course all the ads are OK, perfect captioning.  But I don't think a G-Fan with a hearing impairment wants to know about the latest douche product as opposed to following the movie's plot.  Why bother to caption when all you provide is meaningless text?  Enough of this fokring around.

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X. Dell said...

I just purchased a bluetooth transmitter and wireless headset for about $50. If your TV, VCR or remote has earphone jacks, that might be an option you'd want to explore.