Thursday, November 26, 2015

Greetings From The Monastic Cell

Another holiday, another quiet day.

My circumstances are unlike most people.  No family.  And, yes, I do have friends but they're busy with their own families.  

I used to go out on this so-called day of thanks, meandering through the deserted streets.  Unfortunately the streets aren't totally lifeless.  One time I found a  guy passed out mid-main-street mid-afternoon.  When I asked him if he was OK he got up and took a swing at me.  Someone else was passing-by and pulled the inebriated ingrate away.  With two of us he decided to calm down.

Another altruistic incident that makes me to pause and give thanks for all the positive things in my life.

(Next time I'll let someone become roadkill.)

Today I enjoyed my traditional meal: a microwaved pepperoni-and-sausage Hot Pocket [TM].  Homemade goodness.

Keep your eyes on the skies.  La Carcagne could be lurking.


Terry the Censor said...

I am a single man too. On holidays when I don't return to my home town, I like to luxuriate in a coffee shop with a flavoured drip and a pricey treat. I settle in with a hefty non-fiction book or a small pile of UFO literature. (I like being alone in public.) Boosted with caffeine, I enjoy a long walk in the cool air to a rambling street car ride home. After a simple meal, I settle down for a good long movie or a short bad one, accompanied by a bottle of affordable red wine and a nice cheese plate.

(It seems to be working. All these years, I've had no desire to get a pet.)

Ray Palm (Ray X) said...

That's sounds like an almost perfect day. The only thing missing is a drunk taking a swing at you. [G]

Not much is open around here, especially a coffeehouse, on a holiday.For me this last Thanksgiving was productive. I was able to get all of my Ray X stuff, blog and zine, written and published/posted.

I wouldn't mind having a pet if it was one of these. (Yup, even at my age I'm still act juvenile.)

X. Dell said...

I spent many a Thanksgiving and/or Christmas alone, usually because I had to work the holidays or the day after.

How I miss those days. I've lost my best excuse for being anti-social.