Friday, August 22, 2014

Bovine-Human Hybrid Fetus!

Since I'm supposed to be writing about topiX instead of my health problems and zining irritations...

I don't have cable TV so I miss out on the "good" stuff like the (non)fiction series UFO Hunters that originally aired on the History Channel from January 2008 through October 2009.

Instead I've been making do with — and sometimes struggling through  — UFO Hunters by William J. Birnes, a companion book to the series, courtesy of my local public library.  (I'm careful with purchases with my limited budget.  Of course, there is spending time on a book but I digress.)  Birnes, former publisher of the late UFO Magazine, gives behind-the-scenes insights into the filming of the docudrama series.

While skimming through this tome that covers topiX of dubious value like Bob Lazar, I came across a brief reference to a bovine-human fetus.

But no more details were provided.  I notice that the tome is designated "Book One," meaning that I have to read Book Two or Three to get the scoop on this shocking incident.

Or I could just Google and find out more.

According to the hits I encountered Birnes contends that the bovine-human fetus story was the reason why the UFO Hunters series was canceled.  When he appeared on Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country radio program on 2/13/2010 [ ] he talked about the Dulce episode and the fight over showing the outre fetus images on TV.

There are all sorts of wild stories involving Dulce, New Mexico, including a DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) installation where above-top-secret experiments are being conducted in creating human-alien hybrids.

A retired New Mexico state police officer contacted Birnes, providing the UFO hunter with photographs of a — to use Birnes' own words  — "human-bovine-maybe-something-else" fetus C-sectioned from a mutilated cow.  The former trooper said a helicopter was trying to collect the cow but the flashing lights from his car scared it off. 

Birnes says that his show had gone too far with this disturbing evidence: it had to be canceled because the truth was coming out.  Pharmaceutical companies are big advertisers on TV and they were particularly upset over the purported human-headed cow images.

He noted that after the Dulce episode aired some Congresspeople introduced a bill making it a federal crime to crossbreed humans and animals.

During his interview with Strieber Birnes complained that the History Channel was owned by a hierarchy of corporations all the way up to the Dreaded Disney.  Well, dance with the Devil and your foot gets stepped on by a hoof...

So the moral of the story: If you don't cowtow to The Powers That Be over the existence of mootants your career will be udderly destroyed.


Doug said...

Ray does two shows on Sundays! Tip your servers. Try the veal... err...

X. Dell said...

I tried watching UFO Hunters when it was on, but I couldn't really stand to hear either (1) the same stories or (2) the same types of stories week in and week out with absolutely no solid analysis. The bovine/human fetus-in Dulce story comes from Bennewitz, and (as you have shown here) has sadly changed little.

I had to stop watching because of all the DUMB (dumb) content.

And that's no bulloney.