Friday, July 19, 2013

After Push Back To Pull

The constant chore: tracking the latest posts at a variety of blogs.  In the old days I bookmarked each blog and then went through the list, checking to see if a site had any new items.

Then came along "push" technology, i.e., a site would tell me when recent posts were added.  RSS: Really Simple Syndication.  With Google Reader this system worked well.  I would log on to Reader and there would be a listing of new posts, all in one convenient spot.  It worked great with my Android tablet.

Then Google hit the kill switch on Reader.

I looked for a replacement service: Bloglines, Feedly, AOL Reader.  These RSS reader programs have one thing in common: they suck.  Clumsy interfaces, glitches and hang-ups.

I needed something that worked efficiently, especially with my tablet.

And I finally found it.


Like in the old days I go through the list and directly access each site.  Not as convenient as Google Reader but less snags than the other RSS services I've tried.

I have one page with bookmark shortcuts on my tablet.  The downside: I have to go to a site to see if anything was added since my last visit, "pulling" on each one.  The upside: a lot less frustration.

Too bad.  RSS is a good system but only as good as the services using it.

I heard a rumor that Google plans to kill-switch Blogspot...


X. Dell said...

Seems like everything new is old again, huh?

Doug said...

I put links on my blog, but even with that I still just check from time to time. Which may be the only option if Google axes the blog.

Eh, it doesn't seem like that many of us are still blogging anyway. Perhaps that would get us to go outside...