Tuesday, December 25, 2012


This would be just another day in the week for me but most places were closed today and the few friends I have were busy with family and friends.  Sometimes an individual ends up as an outsider not by choice.  

I decided to spend the day profitably and bang out another edition of my print zine, Ray X X-Rayer, albeit a short one, one sheet - two pages.  With that printed and out in the mail earlier in the afternoon, I'm using the quiet evening time to reformat the zine article and post them here.  Usually I do the opposite: blog posts first, then reformat them for a zine. 

I don’t know how coherent my writing is today because I’m suffering from a one-two punch of allergies and a cold, sneezing and coughing.  The cold started last night.  How appropriate.  Like I say, timing is all about the comedy.

At least the sun was out today.  My computer is near a window and the streaming light felt good while I was working on my zine, even though was around the freezing point outside.  Better than the usual cold gray gloom that I see most days during the six months of winter around here.  

Even with the sun out I was shivering while walking over to the Post Office, despite being bundled up.  I must have some sort of bug if my energy and resistance is that low.  But at least I got out of this efficiency apartment / monastic cell for some fresh air.

Now time to reformat and post my latest articles to follow this one.

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X. Dell said...

well, hope you feel better--and more festive, by New Years.