Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mental Capability And The Hand Lotion Threat

Is there a conspiracy to target certain human genetic types with hand lotion as a delivery system of destruction?

Leave it to the theorists at the Liberty Net -- the ham radio/Internet forum for ultra-patriots -- to discuss such an idea as a plausible threat. During a recent get-together longtime member Al Parker mentioned a news story from New Zealand about a mysterious group of vendors -- apparently Israeli citizens - who were aggressively pushing hand lotion from a shopping mall kiosk. The same organization has also set up kiosk operations in other malls in Australia and the United States.

According to the NZ article, the vendors disappeared overnight, leaving considerable damage to the plumbing in a rental unit after they whipped up some of the special lotions.

Al Parker suggested that maybe the so-called Israeli vendors were actually Arab terrorists in disguise. The operation could be a front for biological warfare, setting up kiosks all over the world, ready to spread a deadly agent at the same time. He thought the vendors were "creepy," questioning why they came all the way to the United States to distribute their products. Of course, maybe it was just a scam but...

Liberty Net controller Vic Misek agreed with Parker, saying that most people were suckers, believing in anything. After all, he said, they voted for Obama. He added that the vendors could easily introduce radioactive substances or carcinogens into the product, causing victims to suffer lingering deaths.

Two other LibNetters chimed in, each saying that he had been approached by the same operation in their respective hometown area malls. The vendor urged each one to try the hand lotion. Both had forgotten about the incident until Parker brought it up.

Misek wondered what kind of intelligence operation could be run through a mall kiosk. Parker raised the issue of why the hand lotion vendors wanted to touch the people, rubbing in free samples. He claimed there are reports that "They" have race- and ethnic-specific bio-weapons. So the vendor with his different genetics would be immune to whatever he was rubbing into a person's hand.

Misek concurred, saying that there could be a substance in the lotion that would affect the mental capability of the victim, rendering that person harmless, but targeting only those people with a particular genetic transcript.

Like the angry white men (and one woman) who participate in the Liberty Net?

The entire forum is archived at as Liberty Net - 2012-0505, the date of the original transmissions. The discussion about the hand lotion threat starts around the 5:13:35 mark.


X. Dell said...

Hmmm. I looked up these Dead Sea Cosmetics people. One reason why they might have left "overnight" is that the US, UK, Australian and NZ governments have been rounding them up en masse and deporting them back to Israel.

I wonder what kind of hand lotion these folks have been using.

Marvin the Martian said...

Remember, you heard it on Liberty Net first.

Doug said...

Did you see the Fringe episode where people were infected with nanobots by merely touching the handrail of the escalator?

Uh-oh. I didn't just give anyone any ideas by mentioning that?