Friday, May 13, 2011

JFK's Far Out Affair

Did President John F. Kennedy engage in extramarital extraterrestrial sex?

If the story is true, then it was one small shtup for a man, one giant shtup for mankind.

According to backwards voice analyst Jon Kelly, President Kennedy made an unconscious slip during his last press conference. By reversing and digitizing a key statement made by JFK, Kelly claims there's evidence that JFK had sexual intercourse with an ET, either as a contactee or as an abductee. In an excerpt of his video presentation (see link below) Kelly notes that JFK was known for his many affairs, including movie star Marilyn Monroe who was a presidential mistress.

Kelly can tease out unconscious messages through his backwards speech analysis to reveal hidden truths. In the video excerpt the reversed words of JFK seem to say: "He had sex with an alien."

How doe Kelly find these hidden messages? In an Internet radio interview with "Insights for the Soul" he states:

"I was someone who had a background in yoga and understood the yoga philosophy about the human voice and its impact on unconscious processes, and I applied that in this technologically-enabled field where we use computers to digitize the voice, find samples that have provocative influence on unconscious processes, helping people to access and resolve deep issues."

From that quote I gather that Kelly looks for "samples," parts of a reversed recording that sound like human speech. If that's the case -- sampling -- then it could be argued that with any reversed speech if you listen to long enough you might encounter something that seems to be a hidden message. I wonder what the ratio is with usable versus unusable material. Does he have to plow through a lot of noise to find a short signal?

Here's an excerpt from his appearance on the "Insights" program where he presents two examples of hidden messages:

With this process he has discovered hidden messages with other US presidents. I would like to know more about his research with JFK and the alien sexual encounter but it costs $4.95 to view Kelly's online program, "President Kennedy's Secret UFO Messages Revealed." Sorry, my research budget is too lean lately to dig further.

Kelly also uses backwards voice analysis for therapeutic purposes through his clinical services. He records a client on the phone (with permission, of course) and then shares his findings. A private telephone session includes a 10 minute interview and voice analysis with detailed interpretation plus an audio copy of the session to download. Only $120 through PayPal.

If you want to listen and see how his therapy works, the "Insights for the Soul" program linked below includes his analysis of a phone recording with a co-host of the show.

As for me, this backwards talk has revived some memories for me. I'm going to dig out my dusty LPs and listen to all those backmasked satanic messages buried in the vinyl grooves.

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"Insights for the Soul" with Guest Jon Kelly

Video excerpt: President's 'alien affair' leaked in secret on new TV show

Jon Kelly - home page:


X. Dell said...

This is utter garbage. Everyone knows that when you play Kennedy's voice backwards it says, "I buried Paul."

Ray said...

X. Dell: And when you play Paul McCartney's voice backwards it says, "I shot JFK!"