Thursday, March 03, 2011


I might be trying something different with my blog and blogzine this time around -- depending upon your reaction.

To eliminate duplication of effort, I will write my zine first instead of collecting a few posts from this blog. When the issue is finished, I will put a link here so that you can read it as a PDF file at my Web site.

That means no posts on this blog for a while but at the same time you can read the zine in one sitting, even print it out if you want.

Comments about this will be appreciated.


X. Dell said...

Interesting. Okay. I'll see how it goes, although (and this really shows you where my mind's at) I'll miss seeing you publish the occasional comment given via the blogosphere. Kinda like the thought of seeing my name in print:-)

Marvin the Martian said...

Sounds like a plan!

Doug said...

A blog is not a zine. Surely once in a while you may have some notions in your noggin that are not zine material.

Follow your inspiration, through whatever medium it takes you.