Sunday, February 15, 2009


..or why haven’t I been posting lately.

I’ll skip over the health issues, except to say I have a limited amount of energy, especially of the creative kind.

One distraction was my website. I wanted to upload a PDF file of the latest issue of my print zine. The link wouldn’t work. Also, others links were broken/bad. I tried fixing them but nada. After three phone calls to the company hosting my site, it turned out the program I was using to create web pages was adding extraneous info, detailing where the file was located on my harddrive.

Previously I had used Mozilla Suite with Composer but when cleaning up my drives I deleted it. Composing web pages with Netscape Navigator 4.5 wasn’t cutting it. So I went back online and discovered that the only way I could get Composer was to download Sea Monkey. It took a while to do that with my dial-up connection.

Anyway, the website links are fixed and the PDF file is up. Hours wasted just to get to that point. I’m wondering if the effort was worth it because there isn’t that much activity at the website. If the site had been busy someone would’ve emailed me to let me know about the bad links. So I’ll let the site sit there and see if it generates any interest.

Of course, there’s always reading, reading, reading to distract me. From the detailed research at The X-Spot, to the Thoughts of an Angry Old Woman or the digressions of Doug, and all the other blogs I follow – sure, I could be blogging but I get sick of hearing my own voice all the time. I need to be exposed to other perspectives. Especially the Angry Old Woman. She gives me hope for my old age.


Doug said...

Hold on. We're supposed to have people actually read this stuff we put on the interwebs?

Crap. That puts a lot more pressure on me now.

Thanks for the plug, sir. I think.

Ray said...


This might shock you, but there are these things called hit counters...