Monday, January 19, 2009

Jesus Photo

Jesus Christ died in 33 CE.

French physicist Joseph Nicephore Niepce created the first known permanent photograph on metal in 1826 CE.

Ergo, there are no photos of the living Jesus.

But not when it comes to supernaturalism, especially of the New Age kind.

After reading the non-fiction work When Prophecy Fails, I wanted to find out more about the people described in the book. Their names had been changed but with some Googling I discovered that the actual appellation of “Mrs. Marion Keech,” the leader of the doomsday flying saucer cult in the 1950s, was Dorothy Martin.

After her prophecies failed in Chicago, Dorothy Martin moved on but kept channeling Jesus Christ – or the being whose real name, she believed, was Sananda. She ended up in South America, living in the Yucatan, with a new name: Sister Thedra.

Jesus (AKA the Ascended Master Sananda) appeared to Thedra and cured her of terminal cancer. To prove that she hadn’t been dreaming, Jesus appeared in tangible form to an archeologist in Chichen Itza, Yucatan and allowed his presence to be recorded via photography. This image was taken by the archeologist on June 1, 1961:

According to author Mark Amura Pinkham in his book, The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, the archeologist gave the miraculous photo to Sister Thedra to be used in her work. She returned to the United States to keep spreading the word of Sananda-Jesus through her organization, the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara.

Search Keyword: Thedra –- Pages 236 - 237


Crushed said...

I'm not entirely convinced it actually was produced by a camera...

Ray said...


Gee, do you mean the subject looks really flat, even for a photo? And the lighting and texture of the image suggest the image was found on a tapestry?

Are you going to tell poor Virginia that there's no Santa Claus?

Man, you observant freethinkers spoil everything...

I would like to learn about the provenance of the image, like the name of the archeologist who purportedly took it.


Doug said...

Maybe photographing the son of God cannot help but end up looking like an oil painting. Perhaps the Almighty invokes some kind of omnipotent Photoshop upon reality in that case.

Just a thought.

Ray said...

PS to Crushed:

The sarcasm in my reply isn't directed at you. Sometimes I forget to take careful aim at a target. Maybe I'll have to start throwing in some [G]'s so that a commenter knows that I'm not snarking him.


Ray said...


Interesting take: divine Photoshopping, ergo the painted look. Maybe it works like Dorian Gray's picture, revealing the hidden truth. Well, I've always said some religious leaders were "oily..."


X. Dell said...

Interesting. Not only does Ms. Martin have an alias, but Jesus has one too, according to her.

This reminds me of the speculation that the Shroud of Turin is a natural/unnatural/supernatural photographic negative. you'd figure that someone like Christ would take a better picture, eh?

Leigh Hanlon said...

Couldn't the Shroud of Turin be considered a photograph of Jesus? Technically speaking, it's a contact print of sorts.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

Back in the old days Wanted posters used to hang at the local PO (post office).

For example:





I'm always suspicious of anyone who hides behind a pseudonym, especially as something as obvious as... well, Ray X.


As you know, contact sheets are created by pressing negatives against the printing paper with a glass sheet and then exposing the strips with a burst of light to make the images.

So what burst of light made the Shroud of Turin image? The ET energy being freeing himself from its physical body so that he could float away to another world and start over again with a new form and alias?

Any Wanted posters hanging up at an interdimensional PO – paracommunications outpost - for such a being?