Saturday, June 07, 2008

Confess, Chemtrailer!

Image (C) Copyright 2008 Ray X

Contrail or chemtrail?

Condensation trails are formed by the wake of an aircraft, water droplets or ice crystals forming white vapor paths across the sky. Besides jet engine exhaust, contrails are also created from a sudden drop in air pressure and temperature around propellers and wings (wingtip vortices).

Chemical trails – so say certain conspiracy theorists – appear to be contrails but in fact they’re loaded with much more than just water or ice. Speculation ranges from the spraying of chemicals as part of a mind control program to dispersing pathogens to keep population growth under control.

Skeptics say that such spraying up so high in the sky is a very inefficient dispersal system and so it wouldn’t be used. Anyway, they add, chemtrails are just in the eye of the beholder. Nothing but contrails up there.

Believers counter that chemtrails can be spotted. One way is the way they are laid out, forming patterns, including giant X’s. (Don’t look at me.)

Also, a chemtrail doesn’t dissipate like a normal contrail, claim the believers. It takes longer to disperse, slowly spreading out into wide bands spanning from horizon to horizon. Sometimes a chemtrail will form a film all over the sky.

But such details aren’t really evidence. Weather conditions and other factors could explain why some contrails hang so long in the sky. So what can be done?

Someone involved in chemtrailing has to come forward. A pilot or scientist or air traffic controller or government official – one of them must know what’s going on.

It’ll probably end up being a pilot blowing the whistle. One accident, a spray of pathogens, the pilot gets ill, and so it’s time to expose the plot.

I mean, that’s how it works on TV shows like The X-Files. TV is reality, right?


X. Dell said...

Back around the turn of the century, Giulliani had this program of spraying against an alleged "outbreak" of West Nile virus. While many pointed out that the cure was worse than the disease, and some suspected that the pesticides used were neurotoxins, we all got hosed down anyway. But they didn't spray us from airplanes. Instead, they used trucks and helicopters.

I'd reckon that would be an effective way to mass dose a population: claim an outbreak of a disease, use a cure with that type of side-effect--or skip the cure altogether, say your spraying it, but spray something else--and then send out the trucks and choppers. In other words, there wouldn't seem to be any benefit from doing it by plane.

I have seen, however, a lot of strange things with airplanes emitting trails other than exhaust, around here. Back in 2000, I was in downtown Newark, and I watched as this plane made sweep after sweep, back and forth (kinda like if you were mowing the lawn) and spraying some kind of exhaust. At first, I thought it was skywriting. But he just went back and forth. He'd make one line, circle around, and make another line going the opposite direction. Then he'd circle around, and make a line right next to his first one, and so on.

I know this wasn't his jet exhaust, because that was clearly visible when he circled. He turned on this stuff on and off to make the lines.

I first heard of chemtrails about a month after I saw this, and wondered if that was what I saw.

Either that, or it's an incompetent skywriter.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

I don't deny that the government has sprayed (or is still spraying) the public at large. The book, "Clouds of Secrecy: The Army's Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas: The Army's Germ Warfare Tests Over Populated Areas" by Leonard A. Cole (1987), shows how some citizens have been used as guinea pigs.

That said, I do find alarmism can make the whole subject look silly. I don't see how anyone can say, "Hey, that's a chemtrail, that one isn't, but the one next to it is definitely one" - when the contrails all look and act the same.

I have problems with spraying up so high. In "Clouds of Secrecy" the spraying or dispersal was done much closer to the ground, even underground in the case of New York subways. If I remember correctly, a ship floating offshore from San Francisco sprayed bacteria using the prevailing winds to cover the city. But high up at the altitudes were contrails form - sounds too problematic for me.

What you mention - the apparent pattern being placed in the sky - is a bit of a puzzler. It could be part of an experiment to study how contrails behave, nothing more. I could even buy the speculation that such patterns are involved with an advanced study involving communications. Apparently HAARP is supposed to involve heating up part of the atmosphere to "see" over the horizon.

But until I find out otherwise, I'm going to assume that almost all contrails are just that, nothing more.


dr.alistair said...

our government is capable of anything, including risking igniting the atmosphere by detonating atomic if they need to dose us from above they will, but who`s to know.

they have proven that we are nothing more that labrats when it comes to thier curiosity as to what will happen if they do so-and-so to us.....much like kids pulling the wings off chem-trails wouldn`t suprise me in the least, though releasing particulates at that altitude would dissipate substantially.

maybe they are testing the reaction of paranoids?

dr.alistair said...

and about government secrecy, my father worked at aldermaston (a.w.r.e.)in britain in the sixties and never said shit about what went on there because,as he said, he signed the british secrets act....... no stories about aliens in bunkers, or flying disks in sheds.

Ray said...

Dr. A:

maybe they are testing the reaction of paranoids?

That thought had also crossed my mind. Psy ops. To pull off a magic trick, misdirection is important.