Monday, January 28, 2008

Ymir, Morpheus, & The Mask

Obviously I haven’t been posting much lately. This hasn’t been a mild winter like previous years. Ice, snow, cold. The frost giant Ymir has slain the land. Winter drains me more than any blazing hot summer.

I laughed the other day when I saw an article about how some people suffer from a post-holiday letdown. As readers of my anti-Xmas tirades are aware, I don’t have to worry about any such letdown.

No, it’s just “cold white misery” (to use artist M.C. Escher’s phrase) that’s been driving me into hibernating. Long periods of cocooning in bed, wrapped up in warm blankets. I feel alert for a while but my vigor soon wears off; grogginess hangs over me.

Even using my C-PAP unit with its damn mask isn’t making a difference. So this lethargy is obviously more than sleep apnea preventing a good night’s rest.

I have plenty to say but not the energy to say it. Looks like I’ll have to write short posts and leave the longer articles for springtime.


Doug said...

Anything worth saying will still be worth saying in the spring. We'll still be around when the snow has melted away.

X. Dell said...

Hibernating's good. Everyone needs a sabbatical, every now and then.

We've had a really mild winter this year (NYC). But I won't gloat.

Ray said...


But I still hate to waste time -- or have it wasted for me. I'd rather be blogging than sleeping.

X. Dell:

See above.

ThanX for not gloating.