Monday, January 28, 2008

Dick Farley’s Probe

Did you know that Barney Hill was anally probed during his apparent abduction by aliens?

That’s the claim made by writer Dick Farley in his article, “Update: Report on ‘Roswell’ Saucer Spin Camouflaging Involuntary Human Experimentation,” published at . Fortunately, Barney’s wife, Betty, was spared from the free colonoscopy. Farley says that there were no aliens behind the Hills’ abduction. It was really an elaborate deception by the US military as part of its secret psy ops and medical study program.

Farley conjectures that Barney – because he was black – was an unsuspecting subject injected with plutonium by racist government agents. The anal probe was a way to check a stool sample to see the amount of chemical or radionuclide traces being excreted.

Me? I think it was aliens, trying to promote their intergalactic health care system.



Doug said...

There's no way that extraterrestrials are covered primary care physicians as far as my HMO is concerned.

Perhaps if I get a referral.

X. Dell said...

Well, Betty had the painful needle in her belly, so I guess they didn't want to chance the colonoscopy:-)

I'm going to read the article you suggest. I'd be curious to know what you think about milabs--or about the possibility of one in the Hills' alleged abduction.

Ray said...


Maybe you should contact your local space brothers for one.

X. Dell:

I'm kinda skeptical of the military abduction scenario. Good bit for The X-Files but too unrealistic in the real world. I don't completely rule out that maybe the government did something like that once or twice, but as a long-term, ongoing program I just don't see it. Too many opportunities for mistakes to be made, the story to get out.

Look at MK-Ultra and how that got out do to mistakes. When one of the test subjects jumped out a hotel window - Dr. Frank Olson - that attracted too much attention. It took years for the story to come out but it did.


X. Dell said...

The thing about MK-ULTRA was, however, that there were very few and insignificant penalties attached to it. Because of the charaterization of thought-reform as something straight out of comic -book science fiction, the public has yet to take that program very seriously, for the most part. Thus disclosure had almost insignificant political effect (at least for the time being).

Then again, US Intel didn't admit to the bulk of the atrocities, so while they're spoken of, they remain undocumented. Thus most historians or journalists in the mainstream haven't covered them (other than Marx, and perhaps Bowart--hardly mainstream, though).

MILABS could very well represent a much smaller operation. And if there are disclosures, then managing secrecy seems to me an easy task to accomplish.