Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who Really Drives The Saucer?

“My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

Many scholars have debated the meaning of those words uttered by Jesus dying on the cross. To R.L. Dione those words mean only one thing: it’s conclusive proof that Jesus was in contact with an UFO.

In his classick book, God Drives A Flying Saucer, Dione claims that Jesus had his pain relieved by hypnosis induced by an ET God. But the pain became too much for even a trance to control.

On page 114 (Bantam Books, 1973), Dione claims:

“In the last analysis the incident makes sense only when we conclude that Jesus experienced more pain that he had been led to believe he would. And his knowledge that the saucerian above was reading his mind (thus being aware of his suffering) was allowing the pain to continue despite his ability to stop it. This saucerian (God) may in a sense have betrayed Jesus after all. He may have allowed Jesus to suffer a little more than promised in order to remain above reproach in the matter honesty. For someday, when He reveals the whole story to us, God will show that at no time has He ever lied. And He will no doubt reproached us for having all the facts and still not being able to understand the truth.”

Even with a supertechnological God, His mysterious ways must be accepted on blind faith.

But Dione’s Saucerian God still comes across as too petty, too arrogant. Isn’t God supposed to be the ultimate expression of love? Where is the love when SG treats lowly human subjects as expendable pawns? Even Jesus was used and abused to create a new faith, all part of SG’s master plan of deception.

No supernaturalism was involved during Jesus’s life on earth. Of course, the star over Bethlehem was nothing more than a luminous flying saucer. And the miracles performed by Jesus? As explained previously, Dione says they are just magic tricks performed with advanced alien technology.

The brain manipulator, long-range hypnosis, and other such ET controls would come in handy centuries later with other pawns. Like Hitler, used by Saucerian God in an attempt to wipe out atheistic Russian. Never mind that many innocent and faithful people were sacrificed in that failed scheme.

It’s obvious that R.L. Dione got it wrong. It’s Satan who drives a flying saucer.

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