Monday, August 20, 2007

Ufoological Images

Let’s see. I can comment on the latest feuds going on in ufodumb or provide insightful takes on ufo-related images.

Not a hard choice. This first image is from an ad for a local insurance company. I blotted out the company’s contact info. I’ll be more than happy to promote its services – for a fee, of course. (Gotta make a bit of dough with this money-losing interest.)

This ad is striking, does get your attention, but is it lost on the average person who doesn’t think about being abducted and anally probed? Does this company imply that it will cover you if you’re beamed aboard a flying saucer?

I’ve always wondered why gray aliens rudely probe people. Maybe they’re trying to promote universal health care and are offering free colonoscopies.

Next up: a postcard from Roswell.

Some friends decided to move west this month, leaving Plattsburgh, NY behind. On their trip they passed through Roswell, New Mexico, and checked out the Cover-Up Café. Why did they move? One friend summed it up this way: “I don’t want to die in Plattsburgh.” Most of you probably don’t grok that statement. You’ll have to experience this place for yourself.

I suspect that some of the local life-forms, while really weird, didn’t end up here after a saucer crash. More likely they’re being kicked off.

OK, now here’s an illustration from the book, UFO Abductions by Neal Bernards. The book is part of the series, Exploring the Unknown, for younger readers. I wanted to see how UFOs and other related topics were being presented to today’s youth.

Obviously the alien in the doorway is pissed. Why? After all, why should he radiate such vehemence towards a young human girl collecting eggs in a henhouse?

Well, my astute eye noticed a couple of details in the illustration. Compare the alien’s hand with the chicken’s feet. Seems this egghead ET descended from fowl, not apes. He must be upset that we humans are eating his evolutionary cousins in embryonic form.

I can imagine what this irate alien does with an egg-eating human adult. Time for the anal probe...


X. Dell said...

I think I commented on this before, so if I have, sue me.

I think you have a talon for seeing the fowl connection between grays and Rhode Island reds.

Can't say I've ever been to Plattsburgh, but if it's that bad, there's probably a lot of people there looking for aliens to abduct them.

As for the probing, maybe they just like to clean things out?

Ray said...

X. Dell:

My theory is that the gray aliens are giving out free colon exams to show the benefits of their intergalactic health care system. They're pushing Plan B -- as in Biped.