Sunday, July 08, 2007

Roswell: What Really Went Down

Ignore all that coverage of the 60th year celebration in Roswell, New Mexico. Eschew all the insubstantial theories about what fell to the ground. The answer is revealed right here.

A skyborne array that had been held aloft by a big balloon did hit the dirt back in 1947 at a remote ranch. And it was indeed a secret military project launched by the US government, but it wasn’t called Mogul and it wasn’t intended to detect the Soviets setting off nukes.

The balloon array was made from ETech smuggled out of Russia years after the Tunguska Event. American scientists learned about Visitors from Out There from a data recorder that survived the crash in Siberia. With the remaining material they were able to built a device to trap a flying saucer.

As the balloon array drifted across the sky, it sent out a phony alien distress signal. And when a disc showed up, an electro-static field was created, ensnaring the ET scout ship. The ship struggled, finally breaking away, but it lost control and crashed miles away. When it broke free some of its exterior fell to the ground with the destroyed balloon array. This mess was what Mac Brazel found later.

The name of the military project was Operation Flypaper.

So that’s what happened. A tip of my Fortean thinking cap to my hyper-reliable source, PE, for providing the inside scoop.

Some may say that this information only adds noise to the mystery. As if there’s never been any noise associated with Roswell...


X. Dell said...

I see. Apparently Operation FLYPAPER was a sticky subject.

Ray said...

X. Dell:

You should see the ultra-hyper-top-secret files about Operation Flypaper. Talk about holding your attention: your eyes become glued to the reports.


(As you can see, when it comes to puns, I can’t help stepping in it.)