Friday, June 01, 2007

What’s Wrong With This Cover?

I’m reading the latest issue of Saucer Smear when I noticed a familiar image. Supreme Commander Jim Moseley reproduced the cover of a new tome, Karl Pflock’s Roswell book translated into French. Moseley commented how the aliens don’t resemble the entities reportedly found near Roswell after their flying saucer – or “disc” – crashed.

ThanX to Google and various combinations of key words I just found the original image online. (This scan can be found at ) It’s from the June 1952 edition of the SF pulp magazine, Startling Stories.

Hey, it’s a classic image, but isn’t it a bit deceptive using it for Pflock’s skeptical look at the Roswell incident? Like Jim Moseley mentions, that ain’t a crashed Mogul balloon in the background.

It makes one wonder: if they’re playing around with the cover to the French edition like that, how accurate is the translation?

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X. Dell said...

(1) Um, maybe they're talking about the Roswell in Aix?

(2) One would think that the little gray aliens reported at Roswell, and now so ubiquitous in pop culture, would be familiar to the French too. I don't see the purpose of using this graphic either.

Ray said...

X. Dell --

Gee, I thought you would see a CONSPIRACY in this cover business, considering all the malevolent machinations you cover at your blog, .